The Day After Tomorrow

Other mistake: At the end of the film when they arrive in NYC looking for the library, we know that they survived because they are inside with a roaring fire burning. But where is the smoke up above, as Jack Hall approaches? There must be a chimney, or else they would have all died of asphyxiation.


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Suggested correction: As already corrected, just because we can't see an outlet for the smoke doesn't mean there isn't one. White smoke against white snow is very hard to see.

Nik Rolls

But they were still burning the books, which meant the smoke should be black, if they stop burning the books, the smoke would have been white, which isn't the case in the movie.

Just looked at a boatload of videos of burning books, including one in a fireplace, and the smoke was indeed white.

Other mistake: None of the men in the movie grow any facial hair at all, even the ones stuck in the library in New York.

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Suggested correction: The storm only lasts a few days to a week at most, which isn't too much time for a guy to grow facial hair.

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when they pan out to show the ice cover on the Earth reaching down almost to Mexico. Look closely. The Great Lakes are not frozen.


Other mistake: In the scene where the first storm appears, you see little windmills spin and trees affected by this wind. However, the hair of the old man walking out of his house (in the same shot) is undisturbed. (00:23:30)

Other mistake: At the end when Jack walks into the room where everyone is and shines his flashlight around, you see the nerd and the rich kid with the librarian in the background. Then you see a girl next to Sam's girlfriend. Where did she come from?

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Suggested correction: She's the girl who was arguing with the man about which books could and couldn't be burned before the boy finds the section on law to burn.

Other mistake: During the tornadoes in LA there is a large sign that slams into the news anchor. The speed and angle of the sign would throw the anchorman at least towards the van that it goes over. Even if his body did hit the ground with the sign flat on top of him, his body would have moved towards the van if not slid far beyond it.


Other mistake: A huge majority of the crew listed in the first half of the credits are French Canadians, their name spelled properly, accents and all. As seen in the UK, all the times "è" should have been written, it was replaced by a "Ø", for example HélØne and LafreniØre. Very noticeable when you know about it, and most probably caused by a sloppy conversion between two software, and no one proofchecking the credits before putting the movie out. Maybe fixed for home release.


Other mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie, one of the characters starts the ignition on his truck. If you look carefully, he turns the key the wrong way.

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, in New York, once the storm has cleared, ships seem to be pointing out of the ice at all angles. For a while before the water froze over, the ships would've had enough time to either level out or sink if they had been ruptured in some way. Also, there is no way they could be touching the floor of the harbour, seeing as how the water not only rose, but it was already deep enough for ships to pass without difficulty. (01:46:40)

Other mistake: When the supercooled air is shown coming down, it makes all the windows in the skyscrapers explode. The library room they were in had 2 windows. These also should have exploded and the cold air should have killed them.

Other mistake: When his dad arrives at the library, the opening is larger and the raft with the food is gone. Had they gone out to get it after the storm passed, the doors would not have been frozen shut so neatly.

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Suggested correction: Jack and Jason entered the library through a broken window in the large room they were initially gathered in shortly after the tidal wave. The raft with the food on it probably froze during the big freeze, so they never left the room after the storm passed.

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film, where Jack falls into the crevice, he's got nothing in his hands. In the next shot, you see he's clinging to the side of the crevice with an ice pick that has mysteriously appeared in his right hand.

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Suggested correction: He probably had it hanging from a belt or something seeing as where he is he probably has a tool belt of things just in case something like that happens. He probably just grabbed it from the side you couldn't see.

There was nothing resembling an ice pick hanging from his belt before he fell.

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Continuity mistake: When Jack is briefing the President, he draws a line on a map of the U.S. and tells the President to have everybody south of that line evacuated. The shape of the line changes between shots. (01:04:20)

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Sam Hall: Look, I got every question right on the final, and the only reason Mr. Spengler failed me is because I didn't write out the solutions.
Jack Hall: Why not?
Sam Hall: I do 'em in my head.
Jack Hall: Did you tell him that?
Sam Hall: I did. He said he didn't believe me. He said that if he couldn't do them in his head, then I must be cheating.
Jack Hall: Well, that's ridiculous! How can he fail you for being smarter than he is?
Sam Hall: That's what I said.
Jack Hall: You did? How did he take it?
Sam Hall: He flunked me, remember?

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Trivia: Before the film was released, N.A.S.A. sent a memo out to all of its employees stating that they were not allowed to comment on the likelihood of the events portrayed in this movie.


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Question: I noticed the librarian, Judith, never appears after the retrieval of penicillin, I say this because I missed a tid-bit of the film after they acquired it. Is she there just camera shy or did she freeze?

Answer: She is indeed alive. Take a close look at the scene when Jack Hall arrives. Judith appears in that scene.

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