Corrected entry: When Achilles sticks out his sword over the arriving Greek army, they all yell "Achilles, Achilles". Some of them are at too far of a distance away to have properly identified Achilles.

Correction: The people that can see him start chanting and those that can't see him join in.


Corrected entry: When King Priam is stabbed by Agamemnon in the temple at the end of the movie, the blade goes into his stomach. Priam falls to the ground, looks up and sees Agamemnon. In this shot, there is blood on the robes of Priam near his left shoulder. How can his blood defy gravity by going up his chest, let alone in five seconds?

Correction: In the first shot, when Agamemnon spears Priam from the back, the tip protrudes from his chest above his belt, Priam falls face forward with the spear still in him and Agamemnon violently removes the spear (causing even more massive damage to the wound) then tosses it aside. At the start of the next shot Priam is face-down flat on the ground, so the blood does not have to "defy gravity" in order to be easily absorbed by the very thin material towards his shoulder, as it pours out of the severe back entry wound and when he turns over there is also blood spilling from his mouth reaching the front of his shoulder.

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Corrected entry: The 3rd, 4th, and 5th arrows that Paris fires at Achilles are all white when they are in his bow. But when Achilles collapses and pulls them out, the arrows are all brown.

Correction: All of the arrows that Paris pulls from the quiver and when he fires them with his bow, are light wood color with white fletching. When Achilles drops down to his knees and pulls out the last three arrows (3rd, 4th and 5th) they are still light wood color with white fletching (the fletching is visible on video). It is ONLY in the close-up of Achilles' foot that the shaft is dark, which is noted already.

Corrected entry: When the camera rises over dead Achilles, there are only three arrows on the ground except for the one in his heel, even though Achilles was shot four times in his chest and pulled each arrow out.

Correction: After the 1st arrow hits his heel, when Achilles is hit with the 2nd arrow - which is in his chest - he pulls it out immediately and he throws that 2nd arrow to his left while he is still at the far end of the grass. He then starts to walk toward Paris and is hit with the 3rd, 4th and 5th arrows, which remain in his chest until he falls to his knees at the other end of the grass. He pulls out the last three arrows and tosses them to the ground, where they will be visible in the final aerial shot. The 2nd arrow is seen lying on the grass, behind Achilles, as he is on his knees pulling the last three arrows out of his chest.

Corrected entry: As Patroclus lies with his throat cut, there is a sword near his head. Then in the shot right before Hector stabs him again, the sword is gone. No one touched it.

Correction: When Hector removes Patroclus' helmet in the close-up, the black hilted sword that Patroclus dropped is lying on the sand (it is ONLY visible on widescreen DVD in this shot) beside the left side of Patroclus' head (his left) and Hector's sword blade is near Patroclus' right arm (his right). Four shots later (after Hector tosses the helmet to the side) in Patroclus' next close-up, the black hilted sword is still there but Hector's is gone - though it's plausible that Hector grabs hold of his own sword offscreen when he tosses the helmet. Then four shots later at the start of Patroclus' third close-up, the black hilted sword is again still there, and Hector holds his own sword at the hilt as it rests near Patroclus' arm. Visible on widescreen DVD.

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Corrected entry: When the camera rises over dead Achilles, you can see a camera on a tripod on one of the walls.

Correction: There is a tall triangular stone base with metal trim for the flame, that stands on the wall UNLIT, that could have been mistaken for a camera on a tripod.

Corrected entry: When Paris confronts Aeneas at the secret tunnel all of the arrows in his quiver are white, when he gets to Glaucus they are all brown, and when he takes an arrow out to shoot Achilles they are all white.

Correction: When Paris speaks with Aeneas, the arrows' fletching is white, of which there are only a few in his quiver. Then there are a few shots of Odysseus and other Greeks, making their way to the palace doors. When Paris meets up with Glaucus, some time has gone by, so Paris had the time to place more arrows in his quiver and not all are brown, there are arrows with white fletching as well. By the time Paris reaches the courtyard to see Briseis and Achilles, even more time has gone by and he could have spent the arrows with brown fletching, leaving him with all white ones.

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Corrected entry: When the Greek ships arrive they are sailing away from the rising sun, which means they're going west. But the Greeks have to sail east to get to Troy, not west.

Correction: The Greek fleet first must sail northeast and then turn in order to head towards the northern shores of Troy. As they're facing the Trojan beach, the sun is behind them to their left, which is east.

Corrected entry: When the Myrmidons land on the beach and charge to the Trojans, you can sometimes see some boulders on the beach. Then when Achilles sticks out his sword to the Greek army, we see the whole beach and the boulders are gone.

Correction: When Achilles passes the statue at his left, the large formation of rock and the smaller white rock are visible down below, on the sand, before and after he raises his sword.

Corrected entry: When the Greeks take over the beach in the beginning and when the Trojans send those fiery cotton balls down to the camps, we see that the beach is very steep and often has sharp drop-offs. How is it possible that the Trojans were able to roll the Trojan horse over trees to Troy?

Correction: It is a rather long stretch of beach, and not steep at all a bit farther up along the shore, so the Trojans would roll it over the logs from that point.

Corrected entry: Why was Patroclus the only soldier being burned after the battle? We see that there were other Greeks killed at the previous battle, and we also saw that even important people like Ajax and Menelaus were buried at the same time as others.

Correction: Just because the burning of young Patroclus is the only one visible onscreen, does not mean that he was the only body burned on a pyre that night. It was important to show the significance of his death in the eyes of Achilles, to precede the inevitable repercussion that follows.

Corrected entry: When Paris is in bed with Helen, part of his shoulder is unusually grey, and it's not a shadow. This is evidently because they used CGI to block Orlando Bloom's tattoo.

Correction: Paris is never 'in' bed with Helen. While still in Sparta, he is only standing at the side of the bed, while she lies on it. Having said that, Orlando Bloom does not have a tattoo on his shoulder, he has one near his navel and one near his wrist.

Corrected entry: When Achilles is first shown on his ship, after he decides to go to Troy, the ropes along the sails behind him are brown. But in every further shot of the ship, the ropes are white.

Correction: After Achilles speaks with his mother, Thetis, in the first close-up as he stands at the bow of his ship bound for Troy, the lines that are actually attached vertically to the front of the black sail behind him are the same as the rest of the shots. Due to the dark shadow and angle of the close-up looking up at Achilles, they only appear darker, than the next bright overhead wideshot of the ship. In later shots, when those particular lines are visible, such as when the Myrmidon jumps off the boat and lands on his back on the sand, those lines appear lighter cream color at the top of the sail, yet darker (just as the earlier shot) at the bottom, where the black sail is furled.

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Corrected entry: When Achilles is fighting against the man when we first see him, he kills the man. Later the same person reappears in Achillies' army and in the Trojan army.

Correction: The first man Achilles kills is Boagrius, played by Nathan Jones and at no other point in the film does Nathan Jones appear. You are confusing him with Mark Lewis Jones, who plays Tecton (another large bald man) in the Trojan army.

Corrected entry: Helen is wearing different earrings when Paris rubs his hands on her neck, than she is when Paris kisses her.

Correction: Wrong. In both shots Helen wears the same long gold earrings, with two circular pieces that have a stone in the center and five thin dangling strands at the bottom.

Corrected entry: When Paris first comes into Helen's room, the bed looks completely different to the one they're in later on. I'm sure they're in the same room, and that there's only one bed in that room.

Correction: When Paris gives Helen the necklace they are in the same room, with the same bed, positioned the same way, as the previous shots. The only difference is the large white fur cover, that was spread out over the bed earlier, was removed when Paris and Helen use the bed.

Corrected entry: When Hector and Paris leave Sparta for Troy, they're sailing with the rising sun behind them. That means they're sailing west. Whoops. Wrong way.

Correction: If you look at the map shown in the very beginning of the film, you will see that they have to sail south, and even slightly south-west, at first to get from Sparta and over the Aegan sea in direction Troy. Thus, this is no mistake as they are dependent on the direction of the wind.

Corrected entry: The blood that comes out of Glaucus when he dies is not red, it's purple.

Correction: Deoxygentated blood is purple, maybe he is bleeding from a vein.

Corrected entry: When Achilles falls dead, a sword is sticking out of the grass. But in the next shot, the sword has disappeared. Achilles did not knock it over.

Correction: When Achilles falls over, the tip of the sword is stuck in the grass right beside his right hand. Then there's a shot of the Greeks appearing. In the last shot (not the next shot) the sword doesn't disappear, it's lying right beside his right hand, and it's quite plausible that it fell over, since it was only the pointy tip embedded in the grass.

Corrected entry: When Achilles gets out of the Trojan Horse, he comes down the right side, but he lands on the left side.

Correction: Achilles exits the opening directly under the horse's neck, on the left of the screen, then begins to slide down the rope and in the next shot he lands in the correct spot under the horse's head.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Achilles' ship nears the Trojan shores, Agamemnon snidely asks, "What's the fool doing? He's going to take the beach of Troy with fifty men?" At the start of the next shot, as the camera begins to pan down, on the far right, just beside a person's (who is dressed in blue) head is a metal bullhorn (ie. used to give instructions to cast/crew, and which definitely doesn't belong in this time period). (00:36:35)

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Hector: All my life I've lived by a code; and the code is simple: Honor the gods, love your woman, and defend your country. Troy is mother to us all. Fight for her!

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Trivia: Due to the political situation in Iraq, the location for scale shots was moved from Morocco to Mexico, an ideal alternate choice with its broad beach. However, the rushed decision presented some obstacles. Coastal Mexico is an endangered turtle habitat, so to be granted permission to set up the Greek encampment and build boats on the large stretch of beach, the film crew implemented their own turtle incubation nursery, releasing a multitude of turtles while on location in Mexico. They also did not have an accurate idea of the physical conditions of that particular beach - it was unstable and 100 feet of beach washed away overnight, leaving Greek ships teetering precariously on the edge of the bank with the missing sand.

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