Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen (1950)


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Man on street: Hey Noah, what are you doing with that Ark?
Frank Gilbreth: Collecting animals like the good Lord told me brother. All we need now is a jackass. Hop in.

Frank Gilbreth: No person with inner dignity is ever embarrassed.

Repairman: All those kids yours mister, or is this a picnic?
Frank Gilbreth: They're all mine and believe me, it's no picnic.

Mailman: All those kids yours?
Frank Gilbreth: Oh, these aren't so many. You ought to see the ones we left behind.
Mailman: How you ever feed 'em?
Frank Gilbreth: Oh, they come cheaper by the dozen.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mr. Gilbert is going to the train station, as he walks around in front of his car, you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the lawn, to the left side of the screen. (01:18:15)

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Trivia: All twelve children were never alive at one time. Mary, along with some of her siblings, came down with diphtheria, in 1912. While the others recovered, Mary died on January 31st. The family continued to refer to the Dozen, even though all twelve were never contemporaries. The book refers to them as a dozen, and the movie & stage play portrays all 12 at a time.


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