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Colt .45 picture

Prologue: A gun, like any other source of power, is a force for either good or evil, being neither in itself, but dependent upon those who possess it.

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Rio Grande picture

Trooper Travis Tyree: Hey, Mister... what time do they blow the horn around here for people t' eat?

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Winchester '73 picture

Lola Manners: You never know when a girl might need a bullet.

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Hillbilly Hare picture

Bugs Bunny: And just who might you be?
Punkinhead Martin: I might be Teddy Rooseyvelt, but I ain't! I saw what you did to my brother.

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Homeless Hare picture

Bugs Bunny: Action, he says. Action he shall get.

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Bright Leaf picture

Sonia Kovac: No woman who wants something is a lady. If she is, she doesn't get it.

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The Asphalt Jungle picture

Dr. Swanson: Well, he won't get very far, that's for sure. He hasn't got enough blood left in him to keep a chicken alive.

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The Miniver Story picture

Kay Miniver: Death can be easy. It's living that's difficult.

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King Solomon's Mines picture

Allan Quatermain: the end you begin to accept it all... you watch things hunting and being hunted, reproducing, killing and dying, it's all endless and pointless, except in the end one small pattern emerges from it all, the only certainty: one is born, one lives for a time then one dies, that is all.

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Cinderella picture

Cinderella: Why, it's my.
Mice and Birds: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise.
Gus: Duh, duh, duh... Happy Birthday.
Jaq: No, no, no, no.

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Harvey picture

Miss Kelly: I came down here to say goodbye to you. So, goodbye, good luck and good riddance.

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Night and the City picture

Adam Dunne: Harry is an artist without an art.
Mary Bristol: What does that mean?
Adam Dunne: Well, that is something that could make a man very unhappy, Mary, groping for the right level, the means with which to express himself.
Mary Bristol: Yes, he is that. Is not he? I like that, Adam. It is a very nice thought.
Adam Dunne: Yes, but it can be dangerous.

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All About Eve picture

Lloyd Richards: The atmosphere is very MacBeth-ish... what has, or is about to, happen?

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Stage Fright picture

Charlotte Inwood: He was an abominable man. Why do women marry abominable men?

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Rashomon picture

Taj├┤maru: I had never seen such fierceness in a woman.

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The Jackie Robinson Story picture

Branch Rickey: A box score - you know a box score is really democratic, Jackie. It doesn't say how big you are or how your father voted in the last election or what church you attend. It just tells you what kind of a ballplayer you were that day.
Jackie Robinson: Well, isn't that what counts?
Branch Rickey: It's all that ought to count, and maybe someday it's all that will count.

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Kim picture

Kim: How do you fair on the road?
Lama: On charity. What is the custom of charity in this town? In silence or aloud?
Kim: Those who beg in silence starve in silence.
Lama: I beg as the master begged. Even as he went, so do I.

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Rocketship X-M picture

Floyd: I've been wondering, how did a girl like you get mixed up in a thing like this in the first place.
Dr. Lisa Van Horn: I suppose you think that women should only cook and sew and bear children.
Floyd: Isn't that enough?

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Boobs in the Woods picture

Porky Pig: There ought to be a law against crazy ducks.

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Broken Arrow picture

Geronimo: I trust none of it. Four days ago, we were given our territory on a piece of paper. Today, we cannot go into Mexico. The American general says 'No.' Already our territory is smaller. Where will we get corn, blankets, horses if not by taking them from the Mexican as we always have?
Cochise: The American government will give us cattle. We will raise them and trade them for our needs.
Geronimo: The answer of a woman.

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