A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

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Continuity mistake: As Blood tries to persuade Vic not to follow Quilla June into the Down Under, he is hopping with his broken right leg raised. In the circle he makes after Vick stops, he puts his weight on the leg for two different steps without ill effects or complaints. (00:53:55)


Factual error: In the fight immediately after Vic meets Quilla June, someone approaches Vic's nest from the right and fires just past his head. Vic turns and returns fire. The raider, who was moving forward, flies back from the impact and dies. Of course, bullets don't spread out their impact energy enough to knock someone back, no matter the caliber. (00:38:30)


Plot hole: When Vic steals the food from the group in the desert, we see he's been standing about 100 yards from them, all the while they've been digging. This is filmed on the Bonneville Salt Flats, with completely flat ground for miles around. Did the group just not notice a guy (and a dog) standing that close to them? Did they not think of protecting their site with a guard (there are 2 kids and a cripple there, but even they don't notice Vic until he's just ten yards away, running towards them)? As well, the crime 'boss' character allows Vic to get away and does not chase him - he even laughs that someone has the guts to try it. Food is very precious in this world, and nobody would likely allow this theft, much less a criminal boss. (00:15:45)


Blood: A cautous young fellow named Lodge / Had seatbelts installed in his Dodge. / When his date was strapped in / He committed a sin / Without even leaving the garage. That's clever, isn't it?

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Trivia: Science-fiction author Harlan Ellison wrote the original novella "A Boy and His Dog" in 1969, and director L.Q. Jones wanted Ellison to also write the screenplay for this 1975 film. When it became apparent that Ellison could not provide a screenplay (due to "writer's block"), Jones co-wrote the screenplay. In a DVD commentary decades later, Jones said that Ellison was pleased with the finished screenplay and movie except for certain dialogue. Ellison was especially offended by the last line of the movie, spoken by the telepathic dog, Blood: "Well, I'd say she certainly had marvelous judgment, Albert, if not particularly good taste." (This grisly line alluded to Vic and Blood eating Quilla June Holmes, the female love interest, in an act that happens off-camera.) Harlan Ellison said it was a "moronic, hateful, chauvinist last line, which I despise."

Charles Austin Miller

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