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Corrected entry: In the scene where Char rushes to save Ella from the Black Guards; he tosses her a sword freshly unsheathed. When it changes views for a moment then back her sword is broken in half.

Correction: There is more than just a moment of time between when we see the sword intact and when it is broken. Ella and Char are fighting the guards while the camera cuts away, so there is enough time for Ella's sword to be broken before we see it again.


Corrected entry: When Ella and Char are talking to Koopooduk at the wedding by the table, Koopooduk walks away past her and to her right behind her. She keeps talking to him but never turns from where he was when she was talking to him (on her left). The film editors forgot to synchronize Koopooduk walking away and Ella talking to him when they combined the two "green screen" shots together into one scene.

Nicole Sheldon

Correction: It is not unlikely that he thought the conversation was over but Ella still wanted to make a point so she called after him but still faced where he was before. At most this is a character mistake.

Corrected entry: The snake repeatedly changes size, first he's big enough to wrap around the kings sceptre, then he's small enough to fit in a small pack, then bigger than a giant's foot, etc.

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Correction: The snake is obviously enchanted since it can talk, so it's entirely possible that it can change size given its needs at the time.


Corrected entry: When Ella first convinces Slannen to petition the prince she tells him to come with her because she is on her way to Giantsville and LaMeir is on the way. However, after Char rescues them from the ogres he says they will accompany them to Giantsville because its on the way back to LaMeir.

Correction: Ella actually tells Slannen to go to LeMeir to petition, then says she is going to Giantsville, its on the way. So the 'it's on the way' could be interpreted as Giantsville is on the way, or LeMeir is on the way. In this case Giantsville is on the way.

Corrected entry: During the close up of the shot where Ella is galloping away on her horse towards where the Giant's are and Char is closely following, you can obviously see that Ella loses her right stirrup. This is something not particularly good if you intend to stay on a galloping horse.

Correction: Well, obviously she DID stay on the galloping horse. Besides, it's a character mistake, not a mistake of the filmmakers.

Corrected entry: When Sir Edgar gives Ella the knife, she has nowhere to put it. How, then, does she hide it and then come up with it during the proposal? She has no pockets, and she isn't holding it when he leads her into the hall of mirrors. She doesn't know where the hall is, so she can't have hide it there. She doesn't pick it up during the proposal, either.

Correction: How do you know she doesn't have pockets? She very well could. Lots of old-fashioned dresses have hidden pockets in them.

Corrected entry: During the song at the end, when everyone is running, you can see Dame Olga mouthing the words "don't go breakin' my," while the words that are heard are "I won't go breakin' your heart."

Correction: You can hear the main group of the cast singing, "I won't go breakin' your heart", while the ensemble is heard in the background repeating, "Don't go breakin my, don't go breakin my,".

Corrected entry: How could the chain around Ella's necklace not break after it being yanked off of someone's neck twice?

Correction: Old necklaces are fashioned with a clasp that releases pretty easily with a good yank. Or it could have just been enchanted.

Corrected entry: When Ella is at the opening of the mall, at the very beginning, she has a white purse. Later when Char gets her purse for her, it is black with a flower on it.

Correction: If you look really closely when she sits down, you see that the white is actually the banner draped over the black purse, and you can see the black purse with flowers right when she gets up and begins to chant with the white banner.

Corrected entry: When the guard tells Ella "to freeze," she freezes with her mouth closed; yet the next time we see Ella, her mouth is open. Then, in the next shot, you can see her facial expression has changed slightly. Since she was told to freeze, she can't move at all. (00:22:15)

Correction: After the guard tells her to freeze, he tells her to put her hands together, and she falls onto the barrel. Since she had to move, she was no longer frozen.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, the camera sweeps past a man ringing a bell. His hands stay on the sally - the thicker, padded part of the rope - for an entire forward-and-back swing; were anyone to really do this, one, the bell would not sound evenly, and two, he might be lifted off his feet at the backstroke.

Correction: He's only chiming the bell, not ringing full-circle.

Corrected entry: When Ella and the elf are talking (at the inn in the elf village, I think), he says, "Forget it." in response to one of Ella's comments. By the rules of the curse she should have forgotten what he said, just like she forgets the ogre's name when he says, "Forget it." later in the movie.

Correction: In the scene with the ogre, Slannen says "Forget THAT", not "it". That is a direct command, while "it" is more general. Because it wasn't direct, she didn't do it.

Corrected entry: As Char is running from the stampeding girls and knocks Ella down, he says "shush, shush." Ella shouldn't have been able to talk unless ordered afterwards.

Correction: As is revealed more explicitly later in the "Kiss me" exchange, the curse read the intent of the speaker rather than the words. Char didn't intend to command her, it was more of a request with some desperation involved, therefore the curse didn't trigger.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Char and Ella are in the hall talking with Edgar, Edgar tells Char that the crown maker wants to see him for a fitting. Yet, when they are in the room talking ("I'm going to ask her to marry me" etc.), Char is trying on a cloak, not a crown.

Correction: As long as the crown maker had access to the prince for the fitting, it's not unreasonable that any other clothing merchants would jump on the opportunity to fit the prince, as long as he was already there.


Corrected entry: After the cops have chased Ella, she's told "You're under arrest" and immediately sticks out her wrists to be handcuffed. She seems to be obeying an order since we hear the sound and everything. However, "You're under arrest" is not an order.

Correction: After Ella has frozen in midair over the barrels, she is told to, "put [her] hands together", and then, when she is lying down in the crushed barrel, she is told that she is under arrest. Since she was falling she didn't have time to put her hands together until she was lying down on the barrel. She just happened to put her hands up/together right after she was told that she was under arrest.

Corrected entry: Ella must do as she's told, but during the scene after her step-sister makes her shoplift, Ella's stepmother orders her to tell the truth AFTER the step-sister told her to lie. So why did Ella ONLY tell the lie? She should also have been forced to tell the truth, since her step-mother ordered her to.


Correction: Ella's stepmother doesn't order her to tell the truth. She orders her to say who did it. The curse would have made Ella keep a previous command unless it was contradicted by a newer one. Since her step-mother's command doesn't directly contradict Hattie's order to say that it was her friend's fault, she would have had to obey both commands and tell that it was her friend who told her to steal.

Corrected entry: Ella is on her way home and the prince is running away from all the teenage girls in the kingdom. They bump into each other, he grabs her and they both fall behind a rock. When everyone is gone, the prince tries to help her up by saying "Allow me." Ella replies "No I don't need your help." However, the prince has given her an order and she should have to obey. Some may say that "Allow me" is only a request, but a little later in the movie, we see that she has to assume it's an order unless the person specifically says it is only a request.

Correction: That is not an order..he asked her, he didn't tell her. she can refuse if she's asked but not if she is told.

Corrected entry: When Edgar is interviewing Hattie and Olive, they are drinking through modern plastic straws.

Correction: Throughout the movie there are wooden escalators, fairy godmothers in not-so- traditional garb, seventies music, etc, the whole movie is pretty tongue-in-cheek and supposed to be a "modern" fairy tale.

Corrected entry: Ella's ball-gown changes from before she gets locked up in the dungeon to after she escapes. When she is locked up, her ball-gown has a huge hoop-skirt. When she escapes, the gown is different.

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Correction: She takes the dress off, removes the hoops and lets her hair down - after all, she's there overnight. As long as she's going to be in a dungeon, she might as well be comfortable.


Revealing mistake: During the wedding scene, while the narrator is talking, you can see the string that will pull the left table apart. As said in the commentary, the filmmakers weren't going for the idea of people pulling the tables apart, but rather some other force parting them. (01:27:40)

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