Ella Enchanted

Ella breaks the curse by realizing her love for Char and her own will is greater than the curse. Edgar sends her to jail for the attempted murder of Char. But, Slannen and his elf friends break her out and they crash the coronation. Ella reveals that Edgar was the one who killed Char's father and he was the one who plotted to kill Char. However, Edgar had poisoned the crown in a last-minute attempt to kill Char. But, he never wore the crown. Edgar, in a fit of anger, exclaims that he is the only one who can wear the crown and puts it on his head and topples over, but doesn't die. Ella and Char get married.


Revealing mistake: During the wedding scene, while the narrator is talking, you can see the string that will pull the left table apart. As said in the commentary, the filmmakers weren't going for the idea of people pulling the tables apart, but rather some other force parting them. (01:27:40)

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Ella's Mother: Look to yourself, Ella. What's inside you is stronger than any spell.

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Trivia: Anne Hathaway sang her own songs in the film.

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