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Continuity mistake: When the door to Shrek's house is first opened (just after the honeymoon), it opens into the house. Every other time it opens to the outside. It's not a two-way door, because you can hear it hit the doorframe. (00:04:50)

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Suggested correction: How is that a mistake? Lots of doors open both ways.

Doors that open both ways are called a double swinging door and use sprung hinges (or gravity) to bring it back to the center/closed position when not being pushed. It can go both ways because there is no stop casing for the door to hit against when closed (or frame is that is the design). We see Shrek's door hit a stop when slammed, and hear it hit the stop. Meaning there IS a stop, so it is impossible for the door to swing past it, meaning it is impossible to be a double swing, but we see it go in and out in different shots, which would be impossible.


Continuity mistake: When Shrek and co. arrive, as the coach travels down the drive way you can see the door handle. The servant opens it. When donkey says 'I'm going to park the cart...' he jumps in and as it passes Shrek at the back, the handle is gone.

Hermias Nieuwoudt
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Suggested correction: Handle is always in place.

Continuity mistake: When Shrek, Donkey, and Puss are in the dungeon, Gingy and Pinocchio go down to save them. There is a leaf on Pinocchio's nose. After his nose extends and Gingy runs across it, the leaf is gone. Later in the scene the leaf is back.

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Gingerbread Man: Fire up the ovens, Muffin Man! We got a big order to fill.

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Trivia: A little foreshadowing - when the King first goes to the Poison Apple pub, a frog with ruby red lips asks him if she has met him before.

Johny English
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Question: Since Shrek and Fiona were both turned in to humans by the Happily Ever After Potion and Donkey is turned in to Stallion, does anyone have an idea as to what Dragon would have become since she is Donkey's True Love?

Answer: It was confirmed by the filmmakers that Dragon is actually Donkey's true love, and that when Donkey was a stallion she changed as well, supposedly into a talking pegasus.

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