Shrek 2

The movie starts out with a "perfect" man named Prince Charming finding out that Fiona was already saved from her tower, and is upset. The story then shifts to Shrek and Fiona, who are now married! They are on their honeymoon, enjoying themselves. They come back home to find Donkey anxiously awaiting their arrival, and we find that the relationship between Donkey and the Dragon didn't roll over too well. Shrek kicks Donkey out, but suddenly they get a letter from Fiona's parents... the King and Queen of Far Far Away! Shrek, knowing that when Fiona's parents see him and her as ogres they will be flabberghasted, decides he does not want to go. But then with some nagging, Shrek finally succumbs to Fiona's wanting to see her parents. Donkey comes along too! They spend days traveling to Far Far Away, because well, it is far, far away. You find that Far Far Away is like a medieval Hollywood, with a Hollywood Sign parody too, of Far Far Away. As suspected, no one takes to Shrek and Fiona's entrance, and King Harold and Shrek end up in a big fight during dinner. Queen Lilian is a bit more forgiving. King Harold decides to get rid of Shrek and hired Puss in Boots, a cat with an attitude, and boots! After a "catfight" with Shrek in the woods, Puss in Boots joins their side. Meanwhile Fiona's Fairy Godmother wants her son, revealed to be Prince Charming, to marry Fiona, not Shrek! The story back to Shrek... he finds an old diary of Fiona's and decides that he wants to be in human form. He, Donkey and Puss in Boots break into Fairy Godmother's Factory and steal a potion called "Happily Ever After", which turns Shrek into a handsome man, Fiona back into a human princess, and Donkey into a stallion! Fairy Godmother, revealed as the villain of the story, makes her son, Charming, to switch places with Shrek and make Fiona think that he is Shrek in human form. She gives the king a potion to give to Fiona which will make her love the first man she kisses, which Fairy Godmother wants to be Charming. Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots are arrested, but are broken out by the Gingerbread Man, Pinnochio and company. They finally decide to crash the ball held by Fairy Godmother, where Fiona will kiss Charming. Shrek and company go to the Muffin Man who cooks them up a Gingerbread Man the size of Godzilla which helps them infiltrate the castle walls. Will Shrek make it in time before Fiona falls in love with the wrong man?

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Continuity mistake: When Puss in Boots plants his sword in the ground then jumps out of his boots, his sword, boots and hat are nowhere near any trees or grass. Yet after attacking Shrek, Puss in Boots lands in his boots, and his boots, sword and hat have moved to being right beside a tree. (00:32:30)

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Puss-in-Boots: I hate Mondays.

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Trivia: In the scene where Fiona starts to cry, many bubbles can be seen to fall from the sky. In one of them is Fairy Godmother. This is a reference to The Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz.

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Question: Since Shrek and Fiona were both turned in to humans by the Happily Ever After Potion and Donkey is turned in to Stallion, does anyone have an idea as to what Dragon would have become since she is Donkey's True Love?

Answer: It was confirmed by the filmmakers that Dragon is actually Donkey's true love, and that when Donkey was a stallion she changed as well, supposedly into a talking pegasus.

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