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Corrected entry: In the scene near the end when the zombies begin breaking in and Shaun is describing how much ammo he has, he calls his ammo bullets and Ed corrects him and says they are called shells. Shaun had it right the first time. Ammo for a rifle are cartridges, and ammo for a shotgun is called shells.

Correction: Ed is no expert. He acts like he is but he really does not know much more than Shaun.


Corrected entry: When Shaun, Ed, and Liz are hiding behind the bar in the pub that they've lit on fire, Ed tells Shaun he's left the shells on the counter. Shortly thereafter, the fire ignites the box of shells and bullets start to hit the zombies around them. However, casings for bullets are very weak and without a steel barrel around the shell the casing would rupture before enough pressure formed behind the bullet to propel it at any dangerous velocity. It's only when the casing has reinforcement around it that a bullet becomes dangerous. (01:21:45)

Correction: Actually this is incorrect. It has been proven that bullets thrown into a fire can go off, and with lethal force, even if it's 'only' the casing being blown into shrapnel when the bullet ignites.

Corrected entry: When Ed and Shaun are in Pete's car, Ed puts on a tape. You can see him putting the tape in lengthwise. But after Ed hits the zombie, he inserts the tape again, but sideways. (00:39:45)

Correction: The tape is pushed in for the second time the same way. He didn't turn the engine or volume off, he just ejected the tape.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Mary, the woman in the garden, can be seen working at a supermarket checkout at the start of the film.

Correction: This is not trivia. We are shown Mary and the people at the bus stop, because later they are all seen as zombies as well.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Shaun lives in a mid-terraced house with his flat mates. The kitchen is on the left as you enter the front door. There are double doors that open out into the garden from the kitchen. This isn't possible if there are houses attached either side.

Correction: The doors are facing the back of the house.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Shaun enters the corner shop for the first time, there are packs of batteries and wallets hanging above the ice cream fridge in a certain position. When he returns the next day, the packs of batteries and the wallets have changed position.

Correction: A bit vague. Further, anything could have happened in a day to alter them

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The Jag never suffers a dent despite hitting and running over a dozen people.

Correction: Already listed.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When they are sitting around a table with Shaun trying to convince Ed to do his monkey impression, you hear Di chanting "Do it, do it." but her mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Mouth doesn't have to move when saying "Do it." It's easy to say without moving your mouth at all.

Corrected entry: When Ed is driving the Jaguar, he hits a Zombie with a black coat and brown hair, two things wrong: the 'Zombie' has no Zombie makeup on, and it looks like he jumped onto the car (some people may need to use slow motion).

Correction: Actually, ALL people would need to use slow motion to see it. As such, that invalidates the mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Near the start of the film, when Ed is telling Shaun who called, he says 'First your mom rang about going round tomorrow night, then Liz rang about the two of you eating out tonight.' But Liz called just as Shaun was leaving to go work therefore Shaun's mom couldn't have called before Liz.

Correction: Character mistake. Ed's generally pretty clueless, so it's hardly unlikely that he'd forget which way round the calls occurred, particularly as it doesn't matter in the slightest.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Many of the people that appear in the opening titles reappear as zombies later in the movie. The woman behind the till plays Mary, the 'girl in the garden', all the members of the bus queue appear somewhere, the nodding zombies reappear and take a bite out of Phillip's shoulder and the boy with the football is always outside Shaun's house.

Correction: Something this obvious is not really a trivia.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: When its Shaun's second walk to the store, Shaun doesn't have enough money for the beer and ice cream cone he's going to buy so he says he's going to leave about 15p. Later in the movie, the owner of the shop appears as a zombie with his hand outstretched gesturing "You owe me money".

Correction: Pointing out something that's visible to anybody watching the film is not valid trivia.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Shaun gets back to the Winchester after he gave the zombies 'the slip', he opens a bag of 'hog lumps' and offers Liz one. Liz doesn't actually eat a hog lump, instead she eats a piece of bruschetta.

Correction: Pointing out something that's visible to anybody watching the film is not valid trivia.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene in the shop where Shaun answers the phone to Liz, one of the assistants can be seen grinning broadly at him. The next shot from behind shows no sign of this. (00:11:15)

Correction: Noel (as the character I assume you're talking about is named) has just stopped smiling.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Shaun, Liz and Ed are hiding behind the bar trying not to get tagged by the zombies, Shaun's shirt is white with five or six red spots on the front. Five seconds after they managed to get down into the cellar, Shaun's shirt is dark blue and black all over with loads of red spots.

Correction: Shaun's shirt is white throughout the entire film. But there's very little light in the cellar which makes his shirt look different. And also, the blood stains are the same between the two scenes.

Corrected entry: When Shaun and Ed find out how to beat the zombies you see them pulling forks, spoons, knives, etc. Yet when we see them outside ready to fight the zombies, the cutlery has gone.

Correction: Perhaps they dropped the cutlery, thinking it would be ineffective, in favor of heavier objects (which didn't turn out to be too effective anyway).

James King III

Corrected entry: The second time Shaun goes to the shop, he chooses a Diet Coke over a normal Coke, maybe his version of sorting his life out small?

Correction: Of course it is, it's beyond obvious, and doesn't really need to be pointed out in trivia.

Corrected entry: The way Pete throws Shaun's record out the window, the record should have landed in the neighbor's garden, but a couple of scenes later, Ed and Shaun find the record a yard away from the house.

Correction: The neighbor threw it back; remember the words, "Darn those pesky kids and their loud music/parties, etc!"

Corrected entry: While heading towards the Winchester in the Jaguar, the driver intentionally goes into a 720 degree spin. He'd be lucky to get a 180 degree spin on dry pavement. (00:51:20)

Correction: Too many factors to say he'd only get 180 degree spin. There's different pavement and concrete, cobblestone, dirt on road, all kinds of things that will affect the friction of the road surface. Also, depends on speed of the car, and earlier, we're told Ed is driving way too fast in a 20 mph zone.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the main characters fighting John, the pub landlord, the jukebox comes on playing Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. Shaun shouts "Who turned that on?" and Ed replies "It's on random," which is a reference to earlier in the film. But there is no reason for the jukebox to switch on other than to provide music for the fight. If it was on random why didn't it switch on earlier?

Correction: The power to the pub has only just come on - the jukebox starts up automatically at that point. When they initially arrived there, the power was off.

Tailkinker Premium member

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