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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

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Of the orignal group, Shaun and Liz, are the only 'living' survivors. Shaun is forced to shoot his mother when she becomes a zombie. He turns his anger on David, who becomes reluctant to stay with them while Shaun is there. The zombies break through the windows of the Winchester and drag him out andeat him. Diana chases after David's body in the horde of zombies. Ed gets bitten and is left behind in the basement while Liz and Shaun are rescued by armed forces along with Shaun's friend Yvonne. The zombie terror finishes and the zombies all become trolley collectors and general dogsbodies etc. Liz and Shaun live together in Shaun's house. Shaun goes to the shed, where we find that Zombie Ed has somehow got from the basement to the back shed. They both play games while Ed is chained to the wall.

Laura Coates

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Visible crew/equipment: At Barbara and Phil's house, just as the hooded zombie bites a chunk out of Phil's neck (before Shaun leaps over the car hood) the black mat with two long white marks is visible on the pavement, behind the second zombie (beside the car). It's gone in following shots. (00:46:30)

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Pete: It's four in the fucking morning!
Shaun: It's Saturday!
Pete: No, it's not. It's fucking Sunday. And I've got to go to fucking work in four fucking hours 'cos every other fucker in my fucking department is fucking ill! Now can you see why I'm SO FUCKING ANGRY?!
Ed: Fuck, yeah!

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Trivia: When Shaun is on the phone to his mum, Ed shouts "We're coming to get you Barbra". This is a tribute to the famous "they're coming to get you Barbra" line from Night of the Living Dead (1968) .

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