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Earl Talbot Blake: I mean, there we were, both of us... at the beginning of our careers. Then all of a sudden, one of us... took off! Lit up the sky like a meteor. And why? Because he met the other.

Nick Styles: If that's how you treat your friends, Blake, I'm glad we're enemies.

Bookstore owner: You're the D.A..
Nick Styles: Wrong! They fired me. As a private citizen I can kick anybody's ass I want to.

Parole Board Official: The parole board's ready, Blake. I hope you remembered to floss.
Parole Board Official: I did! With your wife's pubic hair.

Book Man: You! You're a cop, you gotta help me.
Det. Larry Doyle: Sorry, mein fuhrer, I'm off duty.

Factual error: In the scene where Earl is fighting the other prisoner, he is using a "sword" made from a bar of metal, it has a blade that is well over 2 feet long from the tip to the hilt. At the end of the fight the other prisoner is standing with his back against a solid concrete pillar, but Blake somehow manages to shove the "sword" through him all the way up to the hilt. This wouldn't be possible unless Blake were somehow able to shove the bar into the concrete.

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