Ricochet (1991)

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Factual error: In the scene where Earl is fighting the other prisoner, he is using a "sword" made from a bar of metal, it has a blade that is well over 2 feet long from the tip to the hilt. At the end of the fight the other prisoner is standing with his back against a solid concrete pillar, but Blake somehow manages to shove the "sword" through him all the way up to the hilt. This wouldn't be possible unless Blake were somehow able to shove the bar into the concrete.

Other mistake: When Blake makes the tape of Styles and the prostitute, and uses it to discredit him, I doubt that Blake and his buddy had access to top notch equipment. Surely, experienced Los Angeles detectives would have a great technician on board who would be able to testify that the tape was fixed or modified, such as Styles's mouth movement.


Deliberate mistake: Near the beginning, there is a shootout between Nick and Earl and a man is filming it. The version of events on the tape shot by the man and the real version we saw prior are different. Lithgow has an extra line, as does Washington.

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Deliberate mistake: When Lithgow is shot in the leg and trips backwards over the crate or box, the stunt man is deliberately visible. It's not Lithgow making the fall.

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Character mistake: Gail is interviewing Nick on the steps with a tape recorder. You can tell she's holding down the wrong buttons. The record button is in the up position. She's not recording anything.

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Continuity mistake: The sun angle at the beginning during the basketball game changes. In the low angle shots, the shadows are longer. Toward the end of the sequence, the sun is higher.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Denzel and Kevin are playing basketball in the beginning there are several low angle shots of their legs moving. The sun is behind the camera and the operator's shadow is visible.

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Factual error: I don't know what lousy hospital Denzel was treated at after being drugged and raped but no-one could have got his medical records without permission to know his test results. Furthermore his test results would have come back immediately, and he would have known he had an open STD in his system he would not have been sent home without it being treated.

Factual error: There is no way in any shape form or fashion will a TV news center air open pornography on TV being the scene where Denzel is being raped by the prostitute and shown all over the evening news.

Other mistake: After Ferris supposedly hangs himself, Nick and Larry are there. In the overhead shot where we can see the noose on the fan, the stretcher wobbles yet nobody is touching it.

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Bookstore owner: You're the D.A..
Nick Styles: Wrong! They fired me. As a private citizen I can kick anybody's ass I want to.

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Trivia: The film was produced by Joel Silver, who was the producer of Die Hard. One common cast member between the two films is Mary Ellen Trainor. In both Die Hard and this film, she plays the same character, television reporter Gail Wallens. This indicates this film takes place in the same universe as Die Hard. The man who is interviewed about the hostages in Die Hard is also in this film, and has his own TV show.

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