Continuity mistake: When the guards come to take Elizabeth away in the beginning, before she is queen, Lord Dudley has his back to the camera and is saying goodbye to her. You can distinctly see the clasp of a necklace on the back of his neck, but in the next few shots, there's nothing there.

Continuity mistake: In the director's narration on the DVD he points out a great mistake they made while editing the film. There is a scene where Elizabeth is dressing. In one place where they spliced two shots together, she starts out sitting down only partially dressed. In the very next frame she has stood up and is quite a bit more dressed. After watching the commentary, the mistake is completely obvious.

Continuity mistake: When Mary of Guise and Walsingham are talking at the table, Mary picks up a small knife. In some shots the handle is in her right hand, and in other shots it's in her left hand.


Factual error: Elizabeth was arrested and sent to the Tower in 1554, but was then placed under house arrest at Woodstock (not Hatfield) for four years.

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Elizabeth: There will be no more talk of marriage.

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Trivia: The scene where Elizabeth asks the Spanish ambassador to marry her to Dudley at a firework party did take place, but the assassination attempt that followed is fictional. (Although it is true that many attempts were made on her life.)


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