Queen Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) grows into a powerful ruler, gradually learning who she can and cannot trust. Pressured by her advisers to marry and produce an heir, she is courted by eligible aristocrats and royalty from across Europe. Elizabeth keeps all suitors at bay except for her favorite and most trusted adviser, Lord Robert Dudley (Joseph Fiennes). She determines she will never marry, refusing to share power or align England with another country. Conspirators plot her overthrow, but they are uncovered and executed (the Duke of Norfolk, the priest who carried letters from The Vatican, Mary of Guise, Monse


Revealing mistake: When Mary of Guise is found dead by her nephew, he lies her down and puts his head on her chest. As he comes down, her eyes slap shut! If she were dead, they would remain open.

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Elizabeth: There will be no more talk of marriage.

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Trivia: The scene where Elizabeth asks the Spanish ambassador to marry her to Dudley at a firework party did take place, but the assassination attempt that followed is fictional. (Although it is true that many attempts were made on her life.)


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