Starsky & Hutch

Deliberate mistake: When Reese is looking at Starsky and Hutch's police profiles, his brunette girlfriend says, "Ooh, he's cute, the blonde", referring to Hutch. From the way she says it, it sounds like she's referring to the picture, however you cannot see Hutch's hair in the picture. She had not previously met Starsky and Hutch, either, as it was Resse's blonde wife that was in the room at the time. (00:28:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Hutch tackles Starsky to the ground after his gun goes off in the disco, Starsky's badge falls to the ground beside his head. Hutch grabs it and holds it up, telling people to calm down, but when the shot returns to Starsky the badge is still there next to his head. (00:49:40)

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Jeff: Who are you guys?
Hutch: My name's Kansas. And this is my little man, Toto.

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Trivia: The band playing at the Bar Mitzvah is the same band from Old School who sung at Frank's wedding.

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