Starsky & Hutch

Corrected entry: When Starsky and Hutch are watching the cheerleaders, Starsky is drinking out of a coffee mug. In the next shot there is no mug. (00:22:15)

Correction: He's drinking out of a paper cup, not a coffee mug. But he has plenty of time to set it down or toss it when he's off camera as the two cheerleaders are approaching them.


Corrected entry: When Hutch is playing on his guitar and singing, Starsky looks at him strangely because he thinks there is a cartoon bird on his shoulder. Cocaine is not a hallucinogenic. (00:44:40)

Correction: The cocaine has been altered so that it can't be detected by normal means. Nobody knows how this would affect its properties.

Corrected entry: When Starsky is coked up in the dance club he uses the phrase "Wax On..." which is a reference to the Karate Kid which wasn't released until 1984, but this movie is supposed to be taking place in the 70's.

Correction: The words themselves are not exclusive to The Karate Kid. It has long been associated with the car polishing product Carnauba Wax.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the police captain shows Starsky and Hutch the movie from the prison, he uses a VCR. This movie appears to occur in 1974, as a date is mentioned regarding the floater that was a 1974 date. However, Beta was first available in November 1975 and VHS in July 1977 in the US. There is no point in arguing that law enforcement had advance units, as the captain has one for his department (if not his actual office) at a time when 1970s government budgets were strained to the max. These units were over $2000 each at a time when the average vehicle was $3000.

Correction: An average vehicle was more than $3000 at the time, closer to $4500 to $5000, $3000 was more like mid to late 60s. The Betamax was released in May, 1975, and the Torino is a 1975 or 1976 model (they are almost indistinguishable during 1974 to 1976.) The promos for the movie say it takes place in 1975, so having a Betamax VCR was possible. Ads for the Betamax show prices as low as $999.

Corrected entry: In the scene early in the movie where Starsky is jogging along the beach he is wearing over-sized silver radio headphones. After he turns to wave at some women in bikinis, he falls over and what looks like a couple of batteries fall out of the headphones. Unperturbed, Starsky puts the headphones back on and keeps jogging.

Correction: Having just embarrassed himself in front of the ladies, he would want to get out of there ASAP. No mistake here.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Starsky is jogging on the beach, the DJ proclaims that the song playing, Chicago's Old Days, is currently 8 on the charts. The song charted in 1975, but throughout the movie there is music from later years in the decade. Additionally, as of 1975 no company had yet invented an AM/FM headset radio, only AM to that point. Starsky has the antenna, which could only benefit FM transmission as AM antennas are built-in to headset radios, fully extended.

Correction: The headset was indeed available even before 1975 as I bought one and still have it. And it not only is FM, it's FM stereo.

Corrected entry: When Juliet Lewis is giving Vince Vaughn the back rub poolside, she leans over him to look at the pictures of Starsky & Hutch. She coos that the blonde is cute, but when they show the pictures, you can't tell what color his hair is because is it much shorter and covered by his police cap.

Correction: She did see the two earlier in the mansion, so she could remember which one had blonde hair whether it was shown in the picture or not.

Corrected entry: When the Torino hits the ground after the jump, at the start of the closing credits, it is obvious that the car sustains frame damage. You can see the sheet metal buckle behind the front fender.

Dean Mitchell

Correction: The buckling of sheet metal only tells us the frame has flexed enough to allow the skin around it to buckle. It does not mean it is permanently damaged. But even if it did, a car is often still operable with frame damage.


Corrected entry: During the chase scene at the end of the film, careful scrutiny of the Torino will reveal a small camera mounted low on the outside of the driver's door. There are heavy duty skid plates underneath the front of the Torino also visible in several, but not all scenes. The skid plates are not a normal feature of a Ford Gran Torino.

Correction: Neither were the custom wheels, the tires and perhaps other assorted goodies Starsky added himself. Knowing he'd be driving this car hard, who knows if he added the skid plates? Unless seen and NOT seen from shot to consecutive shot within a scene, the plates themselves are not an error.


Corrected entry: About 20 minutes into the movie, there is a scene which begins with Starsky typing at his desk. The clock on the pillar behind him read about 9:50, but his watch shows 5:20.

Correction: People forget to wind their watches or replace the batteries all the time.


Corrected entry: When the cheerleaders are done practicing, the cheerleader says that the one who was dating the man that died is wearing a yellow top. When the camera shows her, she is wearing a white top.


Correction: She takes off the yellow top before the scene in the locker room; she's wearing a white top underneath.

Corrected entry: The waitress at Reese Feldman's (played by Vince Vaughn) gala at the end, who Starsky keeps telling to "do it" was also the waitress near the start of "Swingers," who Vaughn' character gave 50 cents to.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: Nope. Those are two different people. The waitress Vaughn gives 50 cents to is the same waitress him and Favreau meet at the bar later. She is not the same person as the waitress from Starsky & Hutch.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hutch takes Starsky to see Huggy Bear for the first time, Hutch asks him if he's ever run personal errands, like getting coffee during work. Starsky says "I bring a thermos". The scene after Huggy Bear's, where both cops are heading to work, shows Starsky stopping off at a newsstand for coffee. I guess he lied about his thermos.

Correction: Starsky didn't want to prove Hutch right so he lied.

Corrected entry: When Starsky drags himself out of the apartment after having 2 knives thrown at his body, he asks for Hutch to take the knife out of his back. When Hutch does this, you can hear the crew laughing in the background. (DVD Viewing) (00:56:00)

Correction: It's the sound from the TV in the apartment they just left.

Corrected entry: When Reese asks everyone to put their hand up if they've ever made a mistake, Hutch doesn't.

Correction: This is not right from two reasons: A) it could've been a mistake B) Hutch didn't wanted to reveal all his mistakes. they (him and Starsky) have followed a business man (which is the bad guy) and till the end the police thought he was an ownest man. if Hutch would say he followed him, he would be expled from the police.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Starsky & Hutch are driving through the golf course, they start to fly over a bunker where a guy is hitting his ball out of the sand, but when they land there is no one in the trap.

Correction: There is a man walking out of the bunker right after the camera angle was changed.

Corrected entry: When Starsky & Hutch meet up with Huggy Bear for the second time in the alley, Starsky comments that he like Huggy's car. Huggy comments that "its a '76 Lincoln won't be out 'till next year. I know some people who know some people..." The year that the movie is based on is 1976, as evidenced by the numerous 'Bicentennial celebration' markings throughout the city during the movie, as well as the waitress's 'stars and stripes' bikini in the strip bar. If it is already 1976, why does Huggy tell Starsky that his '76 Lincoln' "won't be out until next year?"

Correction: "Bicentennial fever" started a long time before 1976. Every other indication in the movie is that it is the summer of 1975. The '76 Lincoln Continental was introduced in October of '75 though, so Huggy's statement isn't entirely factual.


Corrected entry: Just before Starsky shoots open the bonnet on the Volkswagen,he has his gun pointed at Reece Feldman,he then cocks his gun,pulling the slide to chamber a round,meaning there wasn't a bullet in the chamber,no bullet exited the gun when he cocked it,so what was he doing pointing an empty gun at a crook.

Correction: there is no way that feldman would have known if there were any bullets in the gun...would you take that gamble especially with what he has at stake.

Corrected entry: When the "floater" is discovered, Starsky is heard recording the date as "Monday, June 3". But according to the alley scene later with Huggy, he has a 1976 Lincoln, which won't be out until the following year. The problem here is that in 1975, June 3 is a Tuesday.

Correction: In the US new car models that appear during the year are officially considered to be the next year's models. The same should probably apply in this case. '76 Lincoln was supposed to become publicly available in '75, which means that the movie takes place in 1974. June 3, 1974 is a Monday.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Starsky and Hutch go to the party where the drugs are in the cars that are being given to the bad guys, Hutch calls one character "Amy", her real name, not her character's name.

Correction: Hutch's first words are "He means..." Hutch stutters when he says those words "He me, He means..." If you listen to the scene closely (or say it out loud with the stutter), you can understand how some people might hear "Amy".

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Continuity mistake: When Hutch tackles Starsky to the ground after his gun goes off in the disco, Starsky's badge falls to the ground beside his head. Hutch grabs it and holds it up, telling people to calm down, but when the shot returns to Starsky the badge is still there next to his head. (00:49:40)

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Jeff: Who are you guys?
Hutch: My name's Kansas. And this is my little man, Toto.

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Trivia: The band playing at the Bar Mitzvah is the same band from Old School who sung at Frank's wedding.

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