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Starsky and Hutch proves that Reece is indeed selling drugs. They get the drugs, but Reece gets away. The guys go after him and they try to jump the car onto Reece's yacht by doing a big stunt. Starsky gives it too much gas, so it jumps over the yacht into the water. When Reece thinks he gets away, Huggy Bear knocks him out with the nine-iron that Reece slapped him earlier for not having, then he takes $5 million from him. Starsky and Hutch are reinstated into the police. Before the credits, the original Starsky and Hutch from the 70s show give another Ford Torino to Starsky that Huggy Bear bought.


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Continuity mistake: Starsky and Hutch are both called in to the boss' office after robbing a bookie and destroying a Cadillac's roof. When Hutch walks into the office, the top drawer on the right side on the boss is closed. But when the shot changes to the boss when he starts talking to Hutch, the drawer is open. (00:05:20)

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Big Earl: I'll tell you. But I need to see something first. I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to get weird. But... two dragons.

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Question: Why do Starsky and Hutch come back in the car after visiting Big Earl in the prison when they went to see him at the bar on motorcycles?

Answer: It's entirely possible, since they were not wearing their disguises at the prison, that they had already changed clothes, and therefore, could change vehicles.


Answer: They wore disguises to blend in the biker bar and talk up Big Earl as plausible drug dealers, but when they discovered he was in prison, they figured going in as cops would intimidate him and could offer him a deal. When they said they would get him a radio.

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