Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Corrected entry: When Lola and Ella go to buy the tickets at the mall, it says that the Sidauthur concert in June 11th. The night of the concert, Lola and Ella are in the café with Stu and right above their table is a sign that says "Merry X-Mas!"

Correction: It may be old decorations. In a local restaurant there is a calendar from 1998 still posted above the cash register. Some of my neighbours have Christmas lights up all year.

Corrected entry: When the girls are getting dressed in their soccer uniforms Marcia is pulling on her first sock when they cut to Lola talking. When they cut back five seconds later Marcia is just starting to pull on the same sock. They cut away again and when they cut back (about 5 seconds later) she has both socks on and both shoes tied. (00:15:05)

Correction: Marcia already has both of her shoes on and tied, she's just pulling up the sock. Also, if you see her blonde friend, she puts on the same sock twice as well.

Corrected entry: Miss Baggoli shouldn't have even considered allowing Carla to replace Lola as Eliza. Lola, having the female lead, would have had an understudy who stepped in if she became unable to perform. Allowing Carla to take over the role would have left the role of Mrs. Higgins unfilled.

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Correction: Actually, when Carla is wearing the red dress and looking in the mirror, as she says "It's really amazes me that I get eveything that I want", her friend comes to the mirror putting on make-up. She's dressed up as Mrs. Higgins, so Carla was Lola's understudy, and her friend was her own understudy.

Corrected entry: The guy said that he liked Lola's necklace. Lola isn't wearing a necklace.

Correction: Lola actually IS wearing the bottle cap necklace. When Sam comments on it, Lola touches it with her right hand.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, you see huge poster of Stu Wolf behind Lola. Then you hear Lola's mother calling her downstairs, and Lola leaves the room, which has her poster on the wall. Then when Lola is in her new bedroom, you see her putting up the poster of Stu Wolf again. How did it get there without her taking it down?

Correction: Lola's mom was telling her to speed up. She just went to pack up some more things and THEN she took down the poster.

Corrected entry: When Lola and her family are moving to New Jersey, she leans on the back of the car and she sees two signs saying ENTERING NEW JERSEY and ABANDON ALL HOPE. That means she would have been leaving New Jersey instead of entering it.

Correction: When Lola sees the two signs, she is no longer leaning on the back of the car, she is now leaning on the back of the seat in front of her.

Corrected entry: When Lindsay Lohan and Carla are about to run into the door, they put their hands out in front of them so that their faces don't hit the door.


Correction: They do that because they are expecting the doors open like all of the other unlocked doors they have run through. They go through every set of doors with their hands up to puch the doors open.

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