Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Lola and Ella make it to New York but lose the money to but the tickets they then try to go to Stu Wolfs house to try and get in the party and are not allowed in. Stu gets kicked out of his own party for being drunk and the girls follow him and they all get arrested. Lolas dad gets them out and Stu befriends Lolas dad and he invites them to the party. Once there Lola tries to talk to Stu but realizes he's just a Drunk. When she goes back to school the mean chick tells everyone she didn't really go to the party and Lola becomes depressed and decides to not go through witht the play. Ella makes her come to and Lola does the play. Later at the afterparty Stu Wolf comes back to return her necklace and everyone sees him with her. There she also hooks up with Sam.


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