Pieces of April

Pieces of April (2003)


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April Burns: I'm the first pancake.
Evette: What do you mean?
Eugene: She's the one you're supposed to throw out.

Joy Burns: I don't know why I'm so hard on you Beth, when you've always been the daughter of my dreams. We're almost the same person, except I don't have your weight problems and you're making the same mistakes I did and I wish you would make your own.

Jim Burns: I can think of one memory. She was wearing a pink nightgown.
Timmy Burns: That was ME.

April Burns: Once, there was this day... this one day when... everyone realised they needed each other.

April Burns: Please give me my stupid fucking turkey.

Joy Burns: I only have one nice April memory. Only one. She was about three or four. And she was sitting at the window. An she turned to me and said "oh mother don't you just love every day?"

Bobby: You didn't even know my mother and I pity you for that.

Revealing mistake: Katie Holmes appears to have a bandage on her finger way before she actually gets hurt. When Bobby hangs the turkey drawing on the door and she kisses him goodbye, the bandage is on her finger, but it's not until she peels the potatoes that her finger is cut. (00:14:25 - 00:24:50)

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Trivia: April uses her bedspread as a tablecloth. The same bedspread she and her boyfriend had had sex on earlier in the day. Eeewww.

Debby Kelly

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