Pieces of April

Pieces of April (2003)

4 mistakes

Revealing mistake: Katie Holmes appears to have a bandage on her finger way before she actually gets hurt. When Bobby hangs the turkey drawing on the door and she kisses him goodbye, the bandage is on her finger, but it's not until she peels the potatoes that her finger is cut.


Continuity mistake: As April walks up the stairs after finding out that her family left, she pops all the balloons. But when she reaches a turn in the stairs, she rips down the orange crepe paper and lets it fall to the steps. The crepe paper was still stapled to the wall though, and in reality would have ripped instead of all coming down in one piece.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Latrell brings Bobby to the thrift store and opens the front door, the reflections of the cameraman, camera, and the guy holding up the reflector screen can be seen on the glass door.


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Continuity mistake: April writes a note to Bobby on the back (note the clasp) of a manila envelope telling him about the stove being broken, but the next two times we see that note the writing is on the front of the manila envelope and the handwriting has changed.


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