50 First Dates

Trivia: Lucy's doctor mentions that their hospital is funded by T.B. Callahan Auto Industries, a reference to "Tommy Boy" Callahan, a major character from "Tommy Boy" (1995).

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Trivia: When Henry (Adam Sandler) is at the golf course with Ula and his kids, everyone except Henry is teeing off in the same style as Happy Gilmore (also played by Sandler) in "Happy Gilmore" (1996). When Henry sees this, he replies, "That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen."

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Aimee Myers

Trivia: Allen Covert, the actor who played "Ten Second Tom," is an old friend of Adam Sandler's who has been in 13 of Sandler's last 15 films. He was also in three of Drew Barrymore's films.

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Lynette Carrington

Trivia: The original title of this film was "50 First Kisses", but was changed to avoid confusion with Drew Barrymore's vehicle "Never Been Kissed".

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