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Corrected entry: Lucy's dad brings up the idea for her to paint his shed. The script should have had Lucy wanting to do that on her own - without that prompting there'd be no need for them to bother repainting it every night, which they clearly don't enjoy doing.

Correction: Lucy's dad and brother go to great lengths to re-enact everything that happened the day of the accident, including having Lucy paint the garage. They don't really want to do any of the things they do on that day, including eating the cake and watching The Sixth Sense.


But why wouldn't they just go and pick the pineapple instead of dad prompting her to paint the shed? Then he wouldn't have to paint over it every night.

Because painting the shed makes her happy. They are sacrificing their time and effort, at great exhaustion, to keep her happy.


Going to pick the pineapple puts them in public and gives a much greater chance of her finding out the secret and having a bad day.


It absolutely does, and it does lead to some issues when she gets pulled over for expired tags. Dad and brother's plan was not very well planned out and certainly wasn't smart, but that doesn't constitute a mistake in the film. People make poor decisions all the time.


Corrected entry: While getting a ticket from the policeman, Lucy discovers the real date by looking at the newspaper box outside the restaurant she frequents. But if she goes to this same restaurant every day, why didn't she ever notice the daily newspapers there before?

Correction: She might have, but she wouldn't remember it. We find out that every so often she figures out what happens and gets upset, but then forgets about it the next day.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the walrus vomits on Adam Sandler's assistant, we see a shot of the assistant covered in vomit, as well as vomit all over the ground. When the assistant leaves, suddenly the ground where she/he was standing is clean.

Correction: Unless you're watching a different version of the movie than the one I own- we never even see the ground where his assistant is standing after she says her line. She then walks away and they don't show the ground again.

Corrected entry: When Lucy enters the diner, it's raining outside and she's not even wet. (00:23:10)

Correction: She's not wet because she is covering her head and body with her jacket.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are kissing each other while it's raining, Sandler steps out in the rain. In the next shot, just a second later, his clothes are already totally wet. The same thing happens with Drew Barrymore.

Correction: If you have ever been in that kind of rain, you would know that it is entirely possible for this to happen.

Corrected entry: Done for the sake of our surprise, but grating nonetheless. When Lucy wakes up at the end and sees the tape, she watches it and goes through her now expected shock, but nothing on the tape warns her that a) she's a mother, and b) she's at sea, both of which you'd think would be important to let her know.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: If I remember correctly, we can see something about her daughter's birthday, but even if not, we don't get to see the whole tape anyway. There's probably something about it on there.


Corrected entry: Most of the time Ula's armband tattoo is on his left arm. When Ula and his kids jump off the deck his tattoo goes from his left arm to his right arm several times.

Correction: Ula has identical armband tattoos on BOTH arms throughout the movie.

Corrected entry: When Lucy is throwing paint around in her father's garage, her hand is covered with paint, but in the next scene when she runs from the garage her hands are clean.

Correction: This has been removed in the DVD version. The DVD I own only has this scene as a deleted scene, it is not actually in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Henry, Marlon and Doug are talking about Lucy painting and singing in the garage, Doug is wearing sun glasses. A few shots later his glasses mysteriously disappear. (00:45:15 - 00:45:45)

Correction: During those "few shots" he may well have taken the sunglasses off. Seems like a natural thing to do when you enter a dark room from the bright outside.

Corrected entry: When Henry poses as a delivery boy and gives Lucy the lilies and a package, Lucy asks who it is from and Henry responds that it's a secret. She then turns to her father and he asks what she's got there and she replies a videotape but she isn't sure what's on it. It was never revealed to her that she is holding a video tape and it is gift-wrapped.

Correction: Given the size and weight of the package, she easily could have figured it out by the time she got inside.

Corrected entry: When Lucy found out she has short term memory loss, she was devastated. In the last scene, when she woke up on the boat and finished watching the tape, her reaction was a lot calmer, even though she was married and had a child. Since she's finding out for the first time, she should've been shocked.

Correction: Lucy's behavior is not a plot hole, it's a character trait. Consider the events in the dinner: Lucy's responses to Henry differed from day to day. One day she pretended she didn't speak English, the next she claimed she had a boyfriend. Her responses varied, it's not a plot hole if her response to the tape varies as well.


Corrected entry: In the scene near the end where Lucy shows Henry all the pictures she has drawn of him she says "I have seen you in my dreams for the last few nights" how would she know this if she can only remember the day before the accident?

Correction: Part of Lucy's treatment at the hospital would involve being told everyday about her condition, so by that time of the day, she would know that time has passed. Plus don't forget her diary.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider are re-enacting the way Adam and Drew Barrymore meet plenty of times and are being filmed by Rob Schneider's character's kids, the camera changes shots really fast between Rob and Adam as they take turns to say their lines even though they're being filmed by a young kid and with a normal camera and there's no way he could have been hitting the "still" button on the camera to change the position of it as they speak, because they speak continuously.

Correction: Since we don't know how much time he spent making the tape, he might have had the scene filmed from different angles, and spliced them together to make it look more professional.

Corrected entry: When Lucy has just gotten her ticket and she's fighting with the cop about it being October, she grabs a newspaper from the guy beside her to look at the date. Then she runs over to the newspaper machine and opens it without putting any money into it.

Nicole Sheldon

Correction: It was probably a free newspaper. There are newspaper boxes that hold free newspapers, and they open up without putting any money in.

Corrected entry: Lucy's father and brother tell Henry that she does the exact same thing every morning. So why does she always make a different waffle-house when Henry sees her in the diner each morning? The first time he meets her she's building a teepee, a few meets later she's building a log cabin, and a few meets later it's just a normal house.

Dandude776 1

Correction: Lucy does the exact same thing in deciding to make a waffle house. The style could change each day depending on how she's feeling.


Corrected entry: When Henry gives Lucy the bouquet of lillies, he also hands her a gift with a bow on it. When Lucy's dad asks what it is, she tells him its a videotape. How did she know this without opening it?


Correction: A VHS tape has a very distinctive feel and sound and weight to it when held. Even in gift wrap, and even in a box, just about anybody who's ever held a VHS could obviously tell if one was in a package they held. She could just tell by the feel of it.

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: Nope. She would simply think it was a little irregular this month. Extremely common.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Ula's shark bite is missing from his left side when he talks about it at the golf course. Also it never comes back for the rest of the movie.

Correction: When Ula and Henry are on the boat talking together, you can see the scar on his side (a 'line' of white skin). This is after the golf course scene.

Corrected entry: During the farewells before Henry gets on the boat to go to Alaska alone, Ula has no scar from the shark bite in his torso.

Correction: That's because the scar wasn't on his torso, it was on the left side of his waist.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: Wouldn't the wall where Lucy paints everyday get abnormally thick if two coats of paint are applied everyday for a year?

Correction: Yes, but if her father is willing to spend the time to paint it a solid color over her artwork every night, it's reasonable to assume he'd strip it once in a great while, too.

Matty Blast

Continuity mistake: The dark roots of Lucy's hair can be seen off and on throughout the movie. One day she will have dark roots, and the next day she won't.

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Henry: Ula! Get back to cleaning the pool! And if that's one of your special brownies, don't let any of the dolphins eat that.
Ula: How do you think I get the dolphins to do double-flips and play with the white kids?

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Trivia: Lucy's doctor mentions that their hospital is funded by T.B. Callahan Auto Industries, a reference to "Tommy Boy" Callahan, a major character from "Tommy Boy" (1995).

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Question: What would happen if Lucy stayed up all night and she was with Henry? Would she all of a sudden forget him or would it happen very slowly?


Chosen answer: Apparently, she loses all her daily memories when she enters a full sleep, so keeping her awake would have given them a chance to see each other for longer periods.

Joshua Skains

Then my question is what about the naps during the day that she takes?

Naps would reset her brain like any other sleep.

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