Trivia: The man with the hat who puts the American flag on Craig is the film's director.

Joe Campbell

Trivia: To boost the team's confidence, Brooks often made fun of Soviet captain Boris Mikhailov, saying that he looked like comedian Stan Laurel.

Matty Blast

Trivia: In the film, Ralph Cox was the last player cut from the team, but in 1980 Jack Hughes was the last player cut.

Trivia: Rob McClanahan's injury in the match against Sweden was actually so severe that he was forced to miss the opening ceremony two days later because he was with the team doctor recovering (despite coach Brooks' accusations that he just was not being tough enough).

Trivia: It was not originally in the script to have the players talk to each other about how hot the girls were at the Norway game. Before the scene was filmed, the actors were doing it for real while they were looking at the extras in the arena. The director then thought it would be a good idea to have them do that in the movie, to give their coach all the more reason to be infuriated.

Matty Blast

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