Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Rosalee Futch works in the local supermarket with her best friends Pete Monash and Cathy Freely. Both Rosalee and Cathy are big fans of actor Tad Hamilton, whilst Pete finds his movies boring.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, Tad Hamilton has recieved a bad boy image from driving, drinking and sleeping with a ton of girls, so his agents, both called Richard Levy come up with an idea. Have a girl Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, where he can look good for a change.

Rosalee and Cathy earn the money needed to enter the competition and enter it. One day when returning home Rosalee finds a bunch of reporters at her house, there to tell her she won. Little does she know that Pete is in love with her and wants her to move with him when he goes to college.

Anyway, Rosalee goes on the date, lives the LA life, but refuses to do anything with Tad. Whilst back in her normal job, just as Pete is about to tell her the truth, Tad arrives. It turns out he's fallen for Rosalee and has bought a house nearby. This means Pete has to beat Tad, the attractive hollywood star, to get the love of Rosalee.

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