Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Trivia: When Pete is watching the war movie on the television, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

Continuity mistake: Tad Hamilton is speaking to his agent on the phone in his motel room. While he is lying on the bed he takes off right shoe, leaving his left one on. Then the camera cuts away for a second, and when it comes back, Tad has his right shoe on and his left off.

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Police Officer: We got a call saying that there was someone parked up here and you it's illegal after sunset.
Rosalee: You got a call at this hour? From who? A racoon?

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Question: When Rosalee and Tad are on the plane and Rosalee is looking out of the window at the start of the scene (I think), what is the song playing? I briefly remember lyrics similar to, "I stay behind and watch the credits roll by.", or something to that effect.

Answer: It's Somebody by Bonnie McKee.

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