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Rosalee: I can't go with you Tad, because you don't love me, you maybe want to love me. But I think what you love right now is the idea of me. You can't love someone for what they stand for or seem to be. You have to love them for their details, for the little things that are true of them and only them.

Angelica: Rosalee, when great love is rejected something inside a man dies.

Police Officer: We got a call saying that there was someone parked up here and you it's illegal after sunset.
Rosalee: You got a call at this hour? From who? A racoon?

Pete: There's innocent, there's childlike and then there's asking for it.

Rosalee: Yikes-a-bee.

Tad: Give me a break, I just lost my wife and my goat.

Tad: Do you guys have any suites?
Hotel Clerk: Sure we got sweets. We got some lollies down here by the register, if you wanna pop on by and get yourself a lolly.

Pete: I cannot remember a time... before you started telling that story.
Rosalee: I was asked to provide a detailed explanation of the evening.
Pete: And you did, Rosie, you really did. I really felt like I was there... sort of against my will.

Rosalee: So he's going to stay in the motel while he fixes up the farm.
Pete: Like, he's a farmer, all of a sudden?
Rosalee: I think he'll be a good farmer.
Pete: Rosie... He's from Malibu, California okay? The only thing they grow there... are breasts.

Pete: I told you to guard your carnal treasure! You practically chucked it at him.

Pete: Tad Hamilton is an actor. How do you know he's not acting with you?

Angelica: Well you got to win her back.
Pete: Believe me I have tried everything.
Angelica: Well what did she say, when you told her you loved her?
Pete: Ok maybe not everything.
Angelica: How did she react, when you kissed her?
Pete: Ok, maybe only two things.

Other mistake: In the scene where Rosalee and Tad are talking on the airplane, in the background with the two airplane windows one is white like it's a cloud and the other one is blue like blue sky, and they don't change for the whole talking scene. So it's like they stopped in mid air.

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Trivia: When Pete is watching the war movie on the television, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

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Question: When Rosalee and Tad are on the plane and Rosalee is looking out of the window at the start of the scene (I think), what is the song playing? I briefly remember lyrics similar to, "I stay behind and watch the credits roll by.", or something to that effect.

Answer: It's Somebody by Bonnie McKee.

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