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Corrected entry: Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace actually grew up in the same town.

Correction: Kate Bosworth was born and raised in Los Angels. Topher Grace was born in New York, and raised in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Topher Grace only went to L.A. when he was much older, for college.

Corrected entry: Rosalee's hairstyle changes, particularly her bangs, between the date with Tad scene and when she and Tad are admiring the night lights of LA, which occurs immediately after the date.

Correction: This could be because the wind has blown it, when they get out of the car they are on top of a hill and it could have been breezy.

Corrected entry: Within the movie, Rosalee's eye colour changes numerous times. One day she had one blue eye, one brown eye, the next day she had two blue eyes and then the following day, she was back to one brown and one blue.

Correction: Kate Bosworth was born with one brown eye and one blue eye and her character in the movie probably wore a blue contact when she went to certain places, was around certain people, like Tad Hamilton, etc. which is why her eye was a different color in part of the movie.

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