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Corrected entry: Notice how the truck has many number plates on the front? Are these trophies from other victims he has claimed?

Correction: No. Back then you needed a separate license plate for each state you wished to operate a truck in.

Corrected entry: It is obvious that the truck is much more powerful than the Plymouth, yet at the level crossing it has a lot of trouble shunting the Plymouth forward, even on sandy ground. So it seems that during this scene, the truck driver was only gently nudging the Plymouth to avoid actually shunting it into the passing train.

Correction: You just said it yourself. The truck probably wasn't trying to kill Dennis weaver in this scene. He may have just been trying to scare him. Since we are not sure how the truck driver thinks, this cannot be considered a mistake.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when David jams his briefcase to the accelerator and jumps from the car, the truck begins to push the car from behind toward the cliff edge. The next time we see the truck pushing it, the car is being pushed sidewards.

Correction: With no one in the car to steer, it's possible for the car to veer sideways while being pushed from behind by the truck.

Corrected entry: Watch the scene where the truck is gradually pushing the car into a passing train. Before the train arrives, a red gate comes down to stop the traffic. But when the car speeds off after the train has passed, the gate has completely disappeared, the car does not smash through it, and it does not raise back up, it just disappears.

Correction: Thats not true, all is well with the gates.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the red car drives in neutral, descending the hill, we can see that the car increases in speed. At one point we can see the speedometer and the driver at the same time. Before that scene, the car had a speed around 50 miles per hour. But in the scene, the speed is only 30 miles per hour. Then we see the speed again and it is back increasing to 60 miles an hour. And the car was descending the hill all the time.

Correction: Possibly Dave braked at that time to keep his speed in check from going too fast?

Corrected entry: During the finale, the red car hits the front of the truck head on and bursts into flames, but as we see the next shot of the car, it is now facing sideways as the truck pushes it over the cliff.


Correction: With no one to steer the car, it's more than likely going to veer or be pushed sideways during the collision. It's not unusual to turn sideways in a collision.

Corrected entry: Just before David Mann gets run off the road - into the fence by the diner, the yellow lines on the road, as he tries to escape the truck driver, are continuously changing.

Correction: As they would to indicate passing and no passing zones, turning lanes, etc.

Corrected entry: At the cafe when David Mann begins accusing the man at the table, the man reacts by punching David in the guts and pushing him onto the pool table. He then takes another swing at him, but punches the light above the pool table instead of David. The chef runs over and tells the man that he has already hit him twice, when he had really only hit him the one time.

Correction: I'm sure the chef was just worried, and wanted to get the truck driver out of there. He didn't care how many times he hit David. Plus, he might have seen the fight on an angle that looks like David got hit twice.

Corrected entry: When the truck is turning round to give the school bus a push, you can see the children and the bus driver outside of the bus, but seconds later, the children and the driver are on board the bus when it is being pushed by the truck.


Correction: As the truck is turning around, the children are lined up and the driver is motioning for them to get back on the bus. It's just a little hard to see since the dust clouds.


Corrected entry: The car that David Mann is driving is supposedly a brand new car and, while anything is possible, it is HIGHLY unlikely that a radiator hose would burst so soon on a new car, no matter how hard it's driven.

Correction: Even as a highly unlikely occurrence, the fact is that it does fall within the realm of possibility, remote as it would seem and have a plausible reason like a manufacturing flaw in the radiator hose, that would eventually be recalled.

Corrected entry: When David gets run off the road, he smashes into the fence. Then he gets out of his car and closes the car door behind him. After spending a while in the cafe, he returns to his car and now the door is open. (00:25:30 - 00:41:00)

Correction: During the 15 minutes or so that Mann is in the diner, a passer-by could have stopped to see if the driver of the car was injured, and finding no one in the car, continued on their way. Patroling cop, thief, nosey neighbor- the possibilities are numerous in that 15 minutes.


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Visible crew/equipment: When David's car gets stuck on the bus bumper, the next shot is of the bus' black bumper and the side of the car. At the top of the black bumper there are two people seen in the reflection. The person on the left turns and takes a step to the right.

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David Mann: Come on you miserable fat-head, get that fat-ass truck outta my way.

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Trivia: This film garnered so much critical praise that it was theatrically released in quite a few countries, though it was originally a made-for-TV-movie for NBC in 1972.

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Question: Where was David Mann actually going? And where from? As in, which states? He seemed to be travelling for hours even before he met the truck and seemed to have a long way to go yet.


Chosen answer: The movie opens with him in downtown Los Angeles, California, so he's probably from there or somewhere in Southern California. He's heading to Bakersfield, California, which is north, about 2 hours away. In the short story, he's heading to a client in San Francisco. However, in the film he gets off the main freeway running from LA to Bakersfield (IH-5) and takes Highway 14 towards Canyon Country.


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