David's tiny car overheats as he desperately speeds away from the truck. The mad truck driver is now more intent than ever on killing him. David realizes that he can't outrun the powerful vehicle and prepares for a last stand. He spins around to face the truck, and speeds toward it as fast as his vehicle will go. David opens the door and leans out of it as the two vehicles speed toward each other. At the last moment, David leaps out of the car and lands on the road, but his car doesn't stop. Its momentum lets it continue moving, and David's car slams at high speed into the front of the truck, and explodes. The car's flaming carcass blocks the trucker's view of the road, and David watches from the sidelines as the truck careens over a cliff. Truck, car, and trucker smash into the unforgiving rocks below, and the truck is dashed to pieces along with its driver. Exhausted, David steps toward the cliff, and looks down upon the charred remains of the truck. The scattered bits of the truck settle into the dust, and all is quiet. David collapses, and continues to stare at the wreckage as the credits roll.


Visible crew/equipment: When Dennis Weaver is in the cafe a shadow of a cameraman is cast across the table he is sitting at. The shot then changes to a wider angle to reveal that there isn't anyone near him who could have cast that shadow.

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David Mann: I'd like to report a truck driver who's been endangering my life.

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Trivia: Steven Spielberg "interviewed" over 100 trucks before finding the forboding, evil looking one for the movie.


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Answer: It's never explained why but, judging from the numerous license plates from other vehicles attached to his truck, the truck driver is a serial killer and was just targeting people at random and decided to make David his next target.

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