Driving Miss Daisy

Other mistake: In the scene where Miss Daisy asks Hoke if he has had the air conditioning checked, the car they are in doesn't have air conditioning, as there are no clear tubes that transition the airflow from the rear package shelf to the ceiling vents that aren't there.

Other mistake: Regarding the power outage during the ice storm, correct that the gas stove would have been fine, except they may have had an electric percolator. But unlikely the phone would have worked, no power for the ringer.

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Suggested correction: It depends. Most landline phones work during a power outage, with the exception of cordless phones because they don't require power from the home (which is why you don't plug them into an outlet). The small amount of electricity is provided by the phone company. So unless the phone company providing power lost power, the landline would still work. I didn't see anything that indicated that happened.


Deliberate mistake: During the ice storm, Hoke brings Miss Daisy coffee because he figured her stove was out. A few scenes before that they are frying chicken on a gas stove. Gas doesn't go out during power outages.

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Trivia: At 80 years old in 1990, Jessica Tandy became the oldest actress to win an Oscar for "Best Actress" and the oldest person to win an Oscar in an acting role.


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Question: Where does the name Boolie derive from?

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