Driving Miss Daisy

Factual error: As they are driving to Mobile, you can see the yellow center line on the highway. White center lines were in use in the 1950's. Yellow center lines were not standardized on highways in the U.S. Until after 1971.

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Factual error: As Miss Daisy is walking to the trolley stop to go to the Piggy Wiggly market, one of the houses in the background has modern skylights on it, and both are modern homes from post-1948.

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Factual error: The car that Miss Daisy wrecks is a 1946 - 1948 Chrysler. In the scene showing Miss Daisy starting the car there is a view of the dash and the starter. The dash is not that of a 1946-1948 Chrysler, but a later model probably 1950.

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Factual error: When they are at the Cadillac dealership, taking delivery on a car in 1956, the American flag in the background is incorrect. It should have been a 48 star flag, not a 50 star flag.

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Factual error: While driving Miss Daisy across Alabama, mountains are seen to the north as the car moves across the screen from left to right. This would mean that they were headed east or back to Georgia and not south and west to Mobile, Alabama.

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