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Revealing mistake: On the way to the party, near the end, they are supposed to be in Alabama when the car gets pulled over, but the officer's badge, shoulder patch, and car all say Georgia State Police. (00:51:45)

Factual error: When they are at the Cadillac dealership, taking delivery on a car in 1956, the American flag in the background is incorrect. It should have been a 48 star flag, not a 50 star flag.

Deliberate mistake: During the ice storm, Hoke brings Miss Daisy coffee because he figured her stove was out. A few scenes before that they are frying chicken on a gas stove. Gas doesn't go out during power outages.

Factual error: As they are driving to Mobile, you can see the yellow center line on the highway. White center lines were in use in the 1950's. Yellow center lines were not standardized on highways in the U.S. Until after 1971.


Continuity mistake: During the car accident Miss Daisy is wearing a beige dress. Later she looks out of the window at the towing activities and is wearing a red dress. When Boolie argues with her about her driving she is wearing a green dress. This is happening within too short a time to explain all this unnecessary changing. (00:03:35)


Continuity mistake: After the incident with the police on their way to Mobile there is a panorama shot of the cruising car with no Miss Daisy on the back seat. (00:53:20)


Continuity mistake: When Miss Daisy is packing for her trip to Mobile there is a blouse hanging over the suitcase lid while she is looking out of the window. When she comes back from the window the blouse is gone. (00:45:00)


Continuity mistake: When Miss Daisy reverses the car down into the neighbor's garden, she hits the same flower pot twice. (00:01:30)


Continuity mistake: On their first tour Miss Daisy shops at a place called Piggly Wiggly. When Hoke looks through the window into the shop you see the reflection of a street sign saying Wiggly (with a W) although in all other shots there is no street sign outside. (00:24:00)


Continuity mistake: In the reversing accident the car goes down a nearly vertical slope, but all close-up shots taken through the front window show that the car's position is still nearly horizontal. That's why Miss Daisy can get out without any problem, and that's why, after she has left the car, it falls down the same slope again. (00:01:40)


Audio problem: In one scene Miss Daisy is listening to the radio, but the HiFi sound isn't exactly what a small radio in the early 50's was able to deliver. (00:33:40)


Factual error: As Miss Daisy is walking to the trolley stop to go to the Piggy Wiggly market, one of the houses in the background has modern skylights on it, and both are modern homes from post-1948.

Continuity mistake: While Hoke is driving Daisy to her synagogue (the time when they learn that her synagogue has been bombed) they pass a little red brick house with a white picketed fence and a 1964-63 light blue Chevrolet pickup sitting in the driveway. They continue to drive and argue as usual and moments later they pass the same house and truck. (01:12:00)

Continuity mistake: After the reversing accident Miss Daisy is shown sitting in the car with some twigs in front of her face. While she was reversing the windows were closed, and they didn't break during the accident. (00:01:35)


Revealing mistake: When the car falls backwards into the neighbour's garden it doesn't touch the ground but bounces back a few inches before. It must have been held by a cable. (00:01:30)


Continuity mistake: While Miss Daisy is waiting for Hoke to drive her to Mobile she looks impatiently at her watch which shows 10:50. A few shots later she looks at a wall clock which shows 6:57 which is also in line with the plot. (00:45:30)


Continuity mistake: In the opening when Boolie is confronting Daisy about her driving accident, he leans on the kitchen doorway with his arms. In the next frame, he is leaning on the doorway with his hands. (00:04:30)

Other mistake: In the scene where Miss Daisy asks Hoke if he has had the air conditioning checked, the car they are in doesn't have air conditioning, as there are no clear tubes that transition the airflow from the rear package shelf to the ceiling vents that aren't there.

Continuity mistake: On the trip to Mobile, they left in Daisy's first Cadillac, a pre-1956 model with round exhaust ports in the back bumper. When they pull back onto the highway after being stopped by the Georgia State troopers, they are in a 1956 Cadillac, with oval exhaust ports in the rear bumper, and no vertical chrome on the back doors.

Factual error: The car that Miss Daisy wrecks is a 1946 - 1948 Chrysler. In the scene showing Miss Daisy starting the car there is a view of the dash and the starter. The dash is not that of a 1946-1948 Chrysler, but a later model probably 1950.


Daisy Werthan: Did you have the air-conditioning checked? I told you to have the air-conditioning checked.
Hoke Colburn: I had the air-conditioning checked. I don't know what for. You never allow me to turn it on.
Daisy Werthan: Hush up.

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Trivia: At 80 years old in 1990, Jessica Tandy became the oldest actress to win an Oscar for "Best Actress" and the oldest person to win an Oscar in an acting role.


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Question: Where does the name Boolie derive from?

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