Dragnet (1987)

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Deliberate mistake: This has the old T.V. show style "it was 6 a.m. on January 7th we ... " beginnings to the scenes. Pay attention to those times and dates. They're not even close to being in sequence. I mean days, not just times.

Continuity mistake: When their car blows up, look in the background and you can see Friday practically kneeling on the ground, and Streebeck falls over completely. Within two seconds (and a couple of cuts) they're both standing up, fully alert with their guns out - Friday might just have managed it at a push, but Streebeck went from face down on the pavement to upright far too quickly.

Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: When they are at the p.a.g.a.n. convention, Sgt. Friday's wig is completely dry seconds after he gets out of the water filled pit.

Continuity mistake: As Joe is driving high speed through the tunnel, from inside the car, they seem to be driving through a street scene, but the exterior shots of the car are inside the tunnel.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: When sitting in Pep's "coffee house", the topless dancer faces away from Friday and bends over, and gets in a head down pose. When the shot cuts to a view from behind, her head goes down again into the same pose.

Movie Nut

Other mistake: When Friday & Streibeck are driving the armoured car towards the milk factory for the raid, there is already milk streaming down from the back of the armoured car even though they haven't hit the factory yet.

Continuity mistake: When Muzz goes through the display of animals, he throws his hands up in an unnecessary display to guard his face. As the camera cuts to a long shot, his hands are now on the wheel, looking like they never left it.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: During the chase with Muzz, a yellow hatchback that Streebeck steers around to avoid appears from nowhere. As he's passing it, there is a long enough close up to show Friday and Streebeck passing the yellow car, but it doesn't show up. Only in the long shots is it there.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: When you see the close up of the chilli dogs that Friday buys they are covered in chilli. Yet when he picks them up just before their car is stolen, the chilli is neatly in the centre and the bun is dry and clean.


Continuity mistake: In the alley, the hoods try to mug Joe. Before the fight, Joe's holding a cigarette. As the fight ensues, he suddenly has no cigarette. As soon as he tosses the nunchucks in the trash can, he picks up the cigarette that he hadn't put down.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: After Joe, Pep and Connie escape the pagan party in their car they are completely dry, Connie's hair is styled and she is wearing makeup. Both Joe and Pep look the way they did before going to the party. Yet just minutes before they were in the pit rescuing Connie from the snake.

Friday: I wouldn't worry about the door, Muzz. The kind of scum who'd represent you would ooze right under it.

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