Revealing mistake: When Kate, Chris and Lord Arnaud are in the hidden monastery tunnel, there is an explosion that shows them the way out. One of them crawls forward a little and puts his weight down on a big chunk of stone, which flips about like it weighs nothing. It's very obvious that it's a piece of styrofoam rock. A piece of stone that size would not move as freely as this one did from just leaning on it. (01:31:30)

Nicole Sheldon

Revealing mistake: When Chris brings the beers to Kate's excavation area and startles her, she then sits up and proceeds to turn down her iPod. However, she turns the wheel on the iPod clockwise, and for those of us who own iPods, we all know that either that scene was reversed, or she blew her eardrums out so she would not have to listen to Chris. (00:07:20)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Chris and Kate and the French knights are coming through the roof of the tunnel after it caved in, the rock that the French knight kicks towards the bottom of the screen is fake. It moves around completely un-rock-like. (01:31:30)

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Kate Ericson: There's one thing worse than dying here, and that's living here.



When Lord Oliver states who he is at war with, he also asks about the Spanish. The Spanish at the time where not unified, instead he probably would have referred to them as the Castilians or the Aragonese.



Although the movie was almost a completely different story than the book, they did make reference to a scene in the book: when you see the guy in the beginning in the hospital, he has blood all over his face. The reason is because right before then he was talking about Quantum Foam and then went into convulsions, then started spewing up blood...gory, but a nice add in to let us know that the writers actually read the book.