Love Actually

Corrected entry: As Sam jumps over the guard, another guard grabs his fur lined jacket and he runs with just the jacket underneath. When they catch up to him while he's with Joanna, neither of them is holding his coat. When he walks out of the gate area he has his coat on again. It just magically appeared.

Correction: The guard would have no reason to carry the coat with him and most likely dropped it during the chase. After they catch up with Sam, they have to walk him back through the airport and would have picked up the jacket on the way.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Joanna is missing a tooth on her right side while performing in the school concert but at the airport the tooth is missing on her left side - film flip.

Correction: First, I should point out that none of the shots of Joanna at the concert or at the airport are actually flipped. That said, during the concert we see 10 year old Joanna has already lost her right (viewer's left) primary cuspid (canine), but still has her left primary cuspid (it looks smallish like a primary and not a larger permanent cuspid). The next time we see Joanna it's at the airport, and now her left primary cuspid has also fallen out (perfectly realistic at her age to have certain loose primary teeth), but since there was plenty of time offscreen for this to occur in between the two scenes, this is not a continuity error.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jamie goes to meet Aurelia in Portugal to propose, he flies into Marseilles, France, many hundreds of kilometres away. Why would he fly into France to meet her in Portugal? Even any airport in Spain would be closer.

Correction: Aurelia and her family actually live in Marseilles or nearby. There are about 1/2 million Portuguese immigrants in France and many enclaves.

Corrected entry: When the US president is first visiting the Prime Minister he starts out wearing a yellow tie. Later in the visit, the President is wearing a purple tie.


Correction: The President's visit was for two days. He wore the yellow on the first day and the purple on the second.

Corrected entry: What school has a concert on Christmas Eve? Most schools break up around December 20th and finish at lunchtime. Concerts are usually the previous week or a couple of days before the end of term.

Correction: When I was in school, we had events like Christmas plays on Christmas eve, even though school was out for Christmas break.


I remember being at school on Christmas Eve. Still can't quite believe they did that back then but we were.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Prime Minister walks in on Natalie and the US President, Natalie is wearing a navy blue outfit. As the Prime Minister walks out with the President to speak to the press, Natalie is shown in the crowd wearing a tan top.

Correction: The two scenes did not happen at the same time. There could easily have been a day or more between them.

Susan McIlroy Premium member

Corrected entry: The Prime Minister goes to find Natalie in the "dodgy end" of her neighborhood - but apparently doesn't know her address. Being Prime Minister, would it not be reasonable to assume that he could have gotten her address very easily instead of searching for her door to door?

Correction: Character mistake completely believable for a man in love.


Corrected entry: When the man wrapping the necklace for Harry reveals the Christmas box, the necklace is still in its bag and standing up on the counter. No-one touches it, yet when Harry leaves the jewellery counter, the bag with the necklace in it has vanished. (01:16:55)

Hamster Premium member

Correction: No, the bag with the necklace doesn't just disappear, it is boxed out of camera shot. Between the time that the sales clerk says, "But you said you wanted it gift wrapped sir.", Harry stammers, "I did, but I I..", the clerk says, "This is the final flourish." and Harry asks, "Can I just pay?" - the large gold box is set on the counter and the sales clerk merely places the clear cellophane bag with the necklace into the box and closes the lid. That is why the sales clerk takes out the sprig of Holly -it is the 'final flourish' for the top of the gold box.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the ending scene at Heathrow Airport, the Prime Minister comes out of the terminal and the camera cuts to a shot of Natalie bursting out behind two chauffers holding calling cards. The man on the left holds a card that says H. Grant. As in Hugh Grant, who plays the Prime Minister.

Correction: The sign doesn't say "H. Grant", it says "H. Gibbs".

Corrected entry: In the scene with Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant, where having just arrived at the school panto, they bump into Emma Thompson, M.M's lips are mouthing HG's speech.

Correction: I've watched this over and over, and not once have I seen her lips mouthing Hugh's lines.

Corrected entry: When Billy Mack hears he is No. 1, the DJ, (Radio 1's Wes, who does the chart in reality) says the two singles which could be No. 1, then announces Billy is. In reality the chart is done as an uninterrupted countdown, meaning it is often possible to guess no. 1 from what is no. 2.

Ian Hudson

Correction: I've often heard DJ's (in the UK) name the possible number ones before revealing the actual one, especially when a heavily hyped single is expected to go straight to number 1.


Corrected entry: When Natalie first meets the Prime Minister, she is introduced as being new too. However, when she takes the Prime Minister tea and biscuits later on, she says something along the lines of, "Just always given him the boring biscuits with no chocolate." How would she know about that if she was new to the job?

Correction: I had to watch it 2-3 times to make sure on this one. What MM actually says is that the other bloke would be okay too, she just would have always given him the boring biscuits, without the chocolate.


Corrected entry: When Liam Neeson and his stepson decide to chase the stepson's girl, they see her in the school car park just getting into a car. They leave straight away, but somehow manage to end up so far behind that the girl manages to get to the airport, check-in with all her bags and get through the security checks before they arrive. Must have been a really bad short cut....

Correction: Liam Neeson and his son see Joanna get into her car from the front steps of the rapidly emptying auditorium. Then they have to fight through the mass of the rest of the audience to the car, then fight through that out of the parking area, then fight through the Christmas traffic evident around the airport and find a place to park. No matter how good the shortcut was, they would still be working from a significant disadvantage.


Correction: Joanna could have used the same shortcut (or a shorter, better one) and simply got lucky with traffic conditions.

Corrected entry: When Alan Rickman goes out for Christmas shopping he says to Mia, that he'll be back by three. There is a shot at the shopping mall and the clock on the building shows it is ten past three and that is before you actually see him inside the store.

Correction: The clock on the building actually says quarter past one, you have confused the hour and minute hands.

Corrected entry: Once Sam has met with Joanna at the airport, he is carried back to Daniel by security guards. After that Joanna sneaks up behind him and kisses him. How did she get back through security?

Correction: You can walk the other way through security, she will just have to go back through the metal detectors again on her way to the gate.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the scene, in which artist, Andrew Lincoln, declares his love for best friend's wife, played by Keira Knightley, he has several cards left in the pile, but in the very next shot, he shows her the final card, and has none in his hands left to show.

Correction: He puts the cards down after he shows them to her.

Corrected entry: When Sarah and Karl arrive at Sarah's flat, there are no lights on. When Sarah goes round the corner and does that little jump of glee, she also switches on the main lights which serve her bedroom and the hallway. However when she walks up the stairs, not only are the main lights on but also the fairy lights round the mirror in the hallway and the lamps in her bedroom.

Correction: She could easily have all those lights wired up to operate from the one switch.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the Prime Minister exits through the same access door as all the "common" passengers. For security reasons he should have exited through another door, or, at least, be surrounded by bodyguards everywhere.

Correction: While it is fair to say that the PM has a certain level of security around him at all times, he is one of the few heads of state who still actually mingles with the people - unlike say the President of the USA. Therefore it's not unreasonable for security to appear minimal, because they are keeping their distance on purpose.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: When Jack and Just Judy go out for a drink it is Christmas Eve. They share an awkward kiss and he goes home. Yet shortly afterwards they are both arriving at the School Concert together - this is also Christmas Eve. The scenes are either back to front or the first date was not Christmas Eve and the title saying it was came up at the wrong time.


Correction: I had to see this movie a few times to kinda understand it, but the movie doesn't go from start to finish in one straight line. When Jack and Just Judy are kissing, it IS Christmas Eve, and they kiss, and that is the end of their night, but the Christmas concert is earlier in the evening, and they go to the concert, and then they are standing on Just Judy's doorstep afterwards. I still don't understand why they would be going to an elementary school's Christmas concert in the first place, but whatever, not for me to judge

Corrected entry: In the scene with Mark and the postercards, after he shows Juliet the last one, he puts them down to his left, before putting his thumbs to her. After he walks off, which is almost immediately, the postercards are now under his right arm.

Correction: There's enough time for him to bend down an pick the cards up - If you look closely at the end of the scene you see him bend down to pick the cd player up, so he could easily have picked the cards up at the same time.

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