Love Actually

Character mistake: When Jamie is first speaking to Aurelia, he says "molto bueno", which the housekeeper woman tells him is Spanish. 'Molto' is actually Italian. (00:38:30)

Character mistake: When recording the soundtrack at the beginning of the movie, in the first take Billy Mack sings the first line of the verse but there is no vocal back up, but when he sings the second line, "I feel it in my toes," the backup singers repeat the second line. After messing up, in the next two tries, when Billy sings the first line, "I feel it in my fingers," the backup singers DO repeat this line this time. With each run through the three part harmony should sing the very same line each take, but they didn't.

Character mistake: The Christmas card to the Prime Minister from Natalie misspells Christmas - the "r" is omitted.

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