The Fighting Temptations

Corrected entry: The private investigator says "you're a hard one to track down", but since funerals are usually 3-4 days after the death, he couldn't have been that hard to find.

Correction: Actually it is not uncommon for African-American families(Such as mine) to hold a body for at least a week before a funeral. As a matter of fact I have NEVER known a funeral to be planned 3-4 days after the death.

Corrected entry: When Darrin first meets Lucius and gets in his car, Lucius tells Darrin to open the driver's side door from the inside because it won't open from the outside. Later when Darrin is getting in Lucius' car when he's trying to convince Lucius to sing with the choir, Lucius opens his door and gets in with no help from Darrin on the inside. (00:53:50)

Nicole Sheldon

Correction: This occured on another day, the door could have been fixed. On that first day when both got out of the car at the boarding house, his window was down. No further scenes show Lucius asking to have his door opened.

Corrected entry: In the gospel song "the Stone," the Reverend Shirley Caesar (who plays herself) sings the lyrics "we're living in the 21st century," but we are told at the start of the scene that the year is 1980. (00:03:55)

Correction: Yes, but from the time the movie starts until they sing that song, more than 20 years have past.

Corrected entry: The Pastor said the choir members would need to be baptized before singing. When Darin asked Lucius to join, Lucius strongly stated he was not ready to give up his way of life. He does not get baptized, but does sing in the competition.

Correction: He is already baptized, the change he is talking about is the change from being a total slob.

Corrected entry: Aunt Sally's death would have been more believable if the older gentleman had not fallen on her in her casket and showed Aunt Sally was as soft as the living.

Correction: Rigor mortis, the stiffening of the body after death, lasts for less than 48 hours after death. Assuming this was not some rush job funeral, she could have easily "softened up" again.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Cuba Gooding Jr. is using the ATM you see him entering card after card in the machine. But he never takes a card out of the machine.


Correction: If you look closely at the machine he is using it has the cutouts at the top and bottom for your fingers to slide in. These machines are the type of machine where you slide your card in and then pull it right back out. You do not have to wait for the card to be ejected since the machine never actually takes your card.

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