The Fighting Temptations

Revealing mistake: Don't worry, Aunt Sally isn't really dead. She's still breathing in the shots where people come to look at her in her coffin.


Continuity mistake: When the Fighting Temptations are performing at the Gospel choir contest at the end, the convict with the high voice is dancing with only one handcuff attached (you can see him try to hide the other end, which is flapping around). In a subsequent shot, he has both handcuffs attached again.


Continuity mistake: When Darrin is trying to get money out of the ATM, a girl with red hair and a guy that she is talking to appear and disappear behind his left shoulder.


Continuity mistake: When Darrin is at the "Taxi and Chicken" Service, he orders some chicken. He then tries to get a signal on his cell phone when a car pulls in. He gets in the car and never gets his chicken. But while riding, he eats the chicken and even says it's hot.


Continuity mistake: When Darrin speaks at the funeral, just before he gets up to speak, a drop of water from the ceiling hits the right shoulder of his blazer. When he gets up to speak in the next shot the water spot is not there.


Other mistake: When it shows the railroad, there are no horizontal bars.


Continuity mistake: When the lady he is staying with is telling the choir that he is in advertising, and the other lies he had been telling everyone, one lady says, "and i was going to sleep with you.". And the lady and the whole church made a big deal about Lily having sex without marriage, but this would be sex without marriage too, and everyone just gives her a weird look. At least the lady would have said something to her.

Other mistake: When Lucius is driving Darrin to the Canaan Inn, he says that it's "straight down this street about 5 minutes". However, he makes 2 turns while taking him there.

Other mistake: When they are at the Gospel Competition the tallest of the convicts (Montel Jordan) can be seen on the right from the front shot and still on the right from the back.should be on the left from the back shot. This was shown twice.


Lilly: She is not a Christian. My mama said hollering in a church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a Cadillac.

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