The Fighting Temptations

After having a change of heart during a meeting, Darrin immediately rushes back to Monte Carlo and reconciles with Lilly. The couple then recruits their friends, Lucius and the Reverend to go down to the Gospel Explosion and stop Paulina. After Darrin and the Reverend convince everyone to vote Paulina out of the choir, Darrin takes control as choir director again. Before the choir goes out to perform, Darrin tells Lilly that she inspired him to name the choir "The Fighting Temptations." They go out and perform a song called "He Still Loves Me" and they receive a standing ovation in addition to winning the competition. However, the choir are not the only winners here. Darrin and Lilly are also the winners of each other's hearts as Darrin proposes marriage to Lilly and she accepts. Within 18 months, they are married with a baby.

Bruh Man

Continuity mistake: When Darrin is trying to get money out of the ATM, a girl with red hair and a guy that she is talking to appear and disappear behind his left shoulder.

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Lilly: You know what Sally told me once? She said when like makes you have to put up with mean and hateful people, just think of 'em as sandpaper. They may scratch you, rub you the wrong way... But eventually, you'll end up smooth and polished. And the sandpaper? It's just gon' be worn out and ugly.

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