Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Aladdin is talking to Jasmine in front of the mirror the jewelled flower is in a vase with a real flower when the monkey under the table takes the real flower and the scene cuts back and shows the vase with both flowers. Seconds later the vase is completely empty.

Continuity mistake: During the dinner with the Sultan, the Genie cuts off his hand and it starts to tap dance. When it stops dancing you can see that the Sultan's eyebrows are gone. Then when the Sultan starts laughing his eyebrows pop back.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Genie is singing in the beginning of the movie, towards the end of the song when they are up in the palace, when Genie, Aladdin, and Jasmine first throw their arms out, you see that Jasmine's arms are behind Genie's. But when they turn around facing the outside, you see her arms in front of Genie's.

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Audio problem: In the scene where Jafar throws the Genie to the ground, Jasmine says "Genie" but her mouth doesn't move.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the "You're Only Second Rate" song, Jafar has a human hand when he spins the plate Genie is on, but it then becomes his red genie hand along with his genie form. Also, when Jafar imprisons Genie in the glass orb, Genie is facing to the right (to the viewer). When Jafar puts Genie down, Genie's facing to the left.


Continuity mistake: At the end of Genie's "Nothing in the World" song, we see Jasmine on his left, with Aladdin on his right. When they turn around, their positions have switched.

Continuity mistake: When Aladdin and Abu are flying on the carpet back to Agrabah, you can see Aladdin emptying the bag full of riches into the streets, but when you see Abu flick a small emerald off, the bag is sitting on the carpet, looking as if Aladdin has not even touched it.

Other mistake: Near the beginning, when Abis Mal is catapulted by Iago, he is launched in a lobbed way but, strangely, he flies straight to the thieves.

Continuity mistake: After the Genie rescues Aladdin from execution and flies away, the guards disappear from the background.

Blue Genie: Giddy up, slowpoke, what's keeping you?
Aladdin 'Al': Nothing. Well, something, but I'll tell you later.

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Trivia: There is a short scene after the credits.

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Answer: The Genie says his powers were diminished after Aladdin freed him.

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Wouldn't the same thing happen to Jafar if Jafar was freed?

Yes. The same thing would happen to Jafar if Abis Mal did free him but, as seen, Abis Mal never wished for Jafar to be free. Jafar was still a genie because he still had the bands attached to his wrist.

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