Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

Corrected entry: There is a short scene after the credits.

Correction: Too vague to be trivia.

Corrected entry: Genie still has the bracelets on that he shed at the end of the first movie when Aladdin wished him free.

Correction: This has already been corrected. The bracelets falling off could have just have been a symbol of freedom, but they were really a part of Genie.

Corrected entry: At the end of the first movie, you see the Genie's wrist bands come off, since it was a symbol of his servitude. In Return of Jafar, his wrist bands are back on.

Correction: The falling off of the bands was just symbolic. Perhaps they were spelled to keep him in bondage. Now, they're as harmless as cufflinks.

Corrected entry: Anyone else notice that the guy that frees Jafar is the same guy that got eaten by the Cave of Wonders in the first movie?

Correction: No he isn't. The guy that got eaten in the first movie's name is Gazeem. The guy that rescued Jafar's name is Abiz Mal.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin is singing 'Forget About Love' with Jasmine, he's wearing his white royal clothing. However, as soon as the song ends, he's suddenly back in his street rat clothing. Talk about a quick change.

Correction: the movie doesnt go through every little second of every day, there was implied time after the song. they implied that time passed by showing him in different clothes.

Corrected entry: Right after the tiger barges into the dinner, for a few shots Aladdin is wearing his street rat cap (not something I would wear to a formal dinner, in my fancy clothes).

Correction: it's a fez. arabic people wore (and wear) them all the time. it's hardly a 'street rat cap'

Corrected entry: If Aladdin and Jasmine married at the end of the first movie, how come he's still wearing the 'street rat' clothes at the beginning of the second one?

Correction: He doesn't marry her until the 3rd movie - "Aladdin and the King of Thieves"

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Aladdin is talking to Jasmine in front of the mirror the jewelled flower is in a vase with a real flower when the monkey under the table takes the real flower and the scene cuts back and shows the vase with both flowers. Seconds later the vase is completely empty.

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Abis Mal, the Chief of the Thieves: Who are you?
Aladdin 'Al': My friends call me Al, but you can call me Aladdin.
Abis Mal, the Chief of the Thieves: Gah - hurt him.

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