The Devil's Own

The Devil's Own (1997)

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie Frankie/Rory's (Brad Pitt) mother is serving the dinner. She gives them all dinner except herself, and then sits down. Then the father says the prayer, and when he does that you can see the whole table, and there is food on the mother's plate.

Continuity mistake: Throughout, but most noticeably when outside Harrison Ford's wife's real estate shop, there are green leaves on the shrubs/trees...they drive a short way to their home and there is snow around and no leaves on the trees. It keeps changing seasons.

Continuity mistake: They're having a party at Tom's (Harrison Ford) house about half way through the movie. Sitting on the table is a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi with the new logo. The scene's supposed to be taking place in 1993.

Revealing mistake: When the partner-cop of Harrison Ford is killed there is shortly a scene where the dead guy is on the "table" at the hospital/morgue and you can see his jugular throbbing.

Continuity mistake: Tom and Rory are playing pool against two other guys early in the film. In almost every shot they are sinking the orange striped ball, and if they are not sinking it, it is present on the table.

Continuity mistake: Right at the end of the film when Tom (Ford) and Rory (Pitt) are on the boat, Rory is pointing his gun at Ford who is on the floor. He is holding the gun with his right hand and cupping it with his left hand. The camera flicks back and forth between the two actors three or four times and every time the gun is in his right hand. Then the camera goes back onto Rory and this time the gun is in Rory's left hand and it begins to tremble, because of the gun shot he got hit with earlier. He then collapses with the gun in his left hand.

Factual error: Tom lays down on the couch and turns on the (off-camera) TV, only for his wife to immediately tell him they're out of milk. The audio from the TV is someone talking about a NY Rangers hockey game, as they mention (Jeff) Beukeboom and (Mike) Richter. The film is set in 1992, but the TV says Beukeboom has just scored his 7th goal of the season. The problem is Beukeboom only scored 7 goals once: in 1994 (two years after the movie takes place). And the TV says the goal was unassisted; but the lone time Beukeboom scored his 7th goal of a season, it was assisted by Mark Messier and Mike Gartner. (00:32:20)

Tom O'Meara: I understand why he's doin' what he's doin'. If I had to endure what he's endured - -if I was eight years old and saw my father gunned down in front of my family - -I'd be carryin' a gun too, and I wouldn't be wearin' a badge.

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