The Devil's Own

Factual error: Tom lays down on the couch and turns on the (off-camera) TV, only for his wife to immediately tell him they're out of milk. The audio from the TV is someone talking about a NY Rangers hockey game, as they mention (Jeff) Beukeboom and (Mike) Richter. The film is set in 1992, but the TV says Beukeboom has just scored his 7th goal of the season. The problem is Beukeboom only scored 7 goals once: in 1994 (two years after the movie takes place). And the TV says the goal was unassisted; but the lone time Beukeboom scored his 7th goal of a season, it was assisted by Mark Messier and Mike Gartner. (00:32:20)

Continuity mistake: Throughout, but most noticeably when outside Harrison Ford's wife's real estate shop, there are green leaves on the shrubs/trees...they drive a short way to their home and there is snow around and no leaves on the trees. It keeps changing seasons.

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Rory: You're a stupid man, Mr. Burke. You only see me standing between you and your money. You're forgetting about the thousand men standing behind me. That's a mistake.

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