Detroit Rock City

Continuity mistake: While the four guys are on their way to Detroit, Trip is hanging out of the sunroof. In the next few shots, you can clearly see that the car has no sunroof for Trip to hang out of. [The Volvo does have a sunroof the whole time, it is actually a moonroof with clean lines that are hard to notice.]

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lex, Trip and Hawke are in the girl's toilet, they all start to laugh at her farts, but suddenly the shot changes angle and Lex is blowing the smell from his face. Pretty quick movements there. (00:18:20)

Revealing mistake: When Jam answers the telephone he falls, and when the telephone falls too there's no cord in it.

Continuity mistake: In the toilet scene one cheerleader pulls her panties down. They slide to her feet, but in the next shot they are a good 15cm up from her ankles. Unless she can make things rise with her mind, that's not supposed to happen. Also when her panties slide down her legs there is a sound of someone lifting a toilet seat, but she is already sitting down. (00:18:00)

Continuity mistake: The brake pedal on the Trans Am is first shown with chrome trim around it when the driver stomps on the brake to cut off the Volvo. When the rock is put on the gas pedal to send it into the ditch, the brake pedal is seen to have no chrome trim.

Factual error: In the beginning when Mystery is practising there's a close-up of Jam's bass drum and judging by the indentations and shape the basshead is on very loose. That would mean the strokes would be very sloppy and resonant, but the beats we hear are sharp and hard.

Continuity mistake: When Jam is talking to Hawk on the phone and Jam says he's sorry, the tone of voice and look on his face changes from one frame to another when he says "See ya guys at school."

Factual error: The Pizza Pig delivery driver arrives to the parochial school in a pink Lada Niva. Russian Ladas have never been imported into the States, and though it may be argued it have been purchased and brought into the US from Canada, since Canada did import them for awhile, the Lada is a late 80's model, and the movie takes place in 1978.

Factual error: The song the disco fans are singing along to before the pizza hits their car is "Makin' It". this would be impossible as the film is set in 1978, and the song was not released until 1979.


Factual error: When Beth is looking out the school window at Jam's Mom driving away with him leaving the school, at the top of the screen is an adjacent street and one of the cars passing by is a Chevrolet Venture minivan, which didn't come out until the mid 90s. (Note: this error has since been cropped away from DVD and Blu-ray versions and is only visible on the VHS release).

Factual error: The movie is set in '78, however the Volvo has plastic hubcaps which were not available on Volvos until 1986.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when they're in the car on their way to Detroit; Trip gets a piece of pizza out of the box. When his hand reaches in the box there are two pieces. In the next shot there's only one piece. (00:30:00)


Hawk: So, you grounded because of what happened last night, or what, man?
Jam: No, yeah. But, uhh, has that ever stopped me before?

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Question: What is the riff played in the scene where the guys are about to attack the Stella's brother beside the road (e.g. one of them takes off his belt and Jam takes out his drumsticks)?

Answer: It is the intro to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man".


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