Detroit Rock City

Lex rescues that disco girl from these mechanics. Trip saves the day at a store, knocking out a robber. Jam's lady friend leaves town but not before they say they like each other. The four amigos make it to the KISS concert. They beat the crap out of each other and all bloodied up they approach the ticket guy at the entrance and say that a couple of dudes beat them up and took their tickets. They point to that kid with the wrestling older brother and his goons (who are about to see the concert). The concert staff people take their tickets and give it to the four amigos. Trip gets his money back from that evil kid. "Tsk tsk, my friend!" The four amigos see the concert. KISS plays "Detroit Rock City" and Jam catches Peter Criss's drum stick when he throws it to the crowd.


Continuity mistake: When Hawk is drinking the Bourbon on the rocks, the lemon wedge disappears when he spits out, and re-appears after the scene when the lady giggles.

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Lex: Hey, thanks for letting us use your make-up supply. You must have the entire Revlon factory in your purse, you greasy disco ball.

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Trivia: The blonde woman that Edward Furlong hooks up with in the bar is played by Shannon Tweed, the real-life partner of Gene Simmons from Kiss.

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