Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Revealing mistake: Dickie is in the garage with Sam and sally, and throws down the farm toy. You can see a battery on the ground, yet it is still making noise.

Revealing mistake: When Dickie is learning how to ride a bike he falls down about four times and then hits a car and flies over it. As you watch him the camera goes to his point of view before he hits the car and you can see a dent where he had obviously hit before.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where David Spade and Scott Terra give a serenade on stilts, both characters rise up from behind a fence perfectly vertically. It's impossible to slowly rise upwards while on stilts the way the characters did. The way they rise, it's impossible for them to have simply had their knees bent and stood up straight. They must have been raised up on a machine.

Revealing mistake: In the "Child Stars" song at the end, before Leif Garrett sings, Dickie is playing guitar. His guitar has no strings.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Sally is about to audition, another little girl goes before her. When the little girl finishes, there is a shot of her face with her hands on her head. In the shot from behind, we see her put her hands down, but when we see the shot from the front, she is putting her hands down again.

T Poston
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Dickie Roberts: May I help you? Was I being too loud in my treeehouse?

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Trivia: For some of the movie Dickie is wearing a shirt that says "I Didn't do it" which was a catch phrase of Bart Simpson, another "Child Star."

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