Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Corrected entry: During the "Child Stars" song at the end, the crowd sing "...if you call her Marsha, she'll bust your friggin' head." But they mouth the 'F' Word.

Correction: On the actual DVD and VHS tapes, the actors sing the "F" word. "Friggin" is sometimes used as a censor when the movie is played on television.

Corrected entry: When Dickie first goes on the Slip-N-Slide, he hits it and he gets a red mark on his chest. But in the next scene, there is no red mark.

Correction: Though there was a red mark before, how do you know that there wasn't a time period after that scene where he could have been able to heal?

Corrected entry: When Dickie takes his gloves off, the next morning he says he hasn't taken his gloves off in 5 years. Yet, throughout the film, the glove colours are different.

Correction: Dickie doesn't say that he hasn't had his gloves off, he says he hasn't SLEPT with his gloves off.

Corrected entry: When Dickie asks the kids of any toys he should know of, one says, "Clue". Clue came out in the 60's. Dickie would have been alive then. Even if he'd never played it, shouldn't he have at least heard of it?

Correction: If Dickie was involved in the TV industry and did not have a normal childhood, it very possible and plausible that he didn't know what normal kids were up to.

Corrected entry: Dickie knows how to be rich and then lose it all. The man in Rob Reiner's film is a billionaire who loses it all making a house and then tearing it down. Dickie knew how to do the part. Why did he have to hire the family?

Correction: It's having a normal childhood and family life that Dickie has no experience of, not loosing a fortune. He's not right for the part because he's not a 'normal guy'.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: How is it that Dickie took the director's car from the restaurant, but had no idea the director, whom he wanted to talk to, was there?

Correction: he doesn't know that he is taking the director's car, he just borrows a car. he had no idea that it was the director's.

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