Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Easter egg: On the second page of the "special features" menu, highlight the "behind child stars on your television" star and hit left once to turn a circular light to the left of the screen title red. There will be a short blooper reel.

Easter egg: On the main menu, highlight the "set up" star and press down once to highlight the "Nucking Futs" quote. There is a short blooper reel here.

Easter egg: On the "set up" menu, highlight the star for the commentary by David Spade and Fred Wolf, then press left once to highlight the toy doll to see a short blooper reel.

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In the scene when Sally is about to audition, another little girl goes before her. When the little girl finishes, there is a shot of her face with her hands on her head. In the shot from behind, we see her put her hands down, but when we see the shot from the front, she is putting her hands down again.



For some of the movie Dickie is wearing a shirt that says "I Didn't do it" which was a catch phrase of Bart Simpson, another "Child Star."